Backpacking is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to travel across the globe. Previously meant for students and budget travelers traveling on a shoe string budget, backpacking has made significant inroads into the travel industry the world over today. Goa, the west coast paradise in India, is an ideal destination for the backpackers. The beaches, hills, forests, and cities of Goa offer all the variety that an ideal backpacker looks for. The climate, people, and tourist friendly atmosphere is conducive to the backpackers in Goa. Here are a few tips that you can rely on before venturing on you backpacking Goa vacation

There are numerous tourist destinations in Goa that conventional tourists visit. These include the beaches, the forts, wildlife parks and the major cities and towns. Backpackers would definitely like to visit the wildlife parks like the Cotigao wildlife sanctuary and the Salim Ali bird sanctuary. The beaches are the most popular tourist spots in Goa. Backpackers would love the carefree ambience and the numerous options available there. Hiking, cycling, motor bike rides, rave parties, and a host of water sports are on offer at all the major beaches of Goa, like Baga, Vagator, Anjuna, Calangute and Colva.

The villages of Goa are beautiful places with their Portuguese style houses and winding roads suddenly bringing you face to face with a white church. There are numerous uncharted trails that you can find out from the locals, or yourself.

Backpackers do not need lavish accommodation. That is how you can get to know about the local customs and ways of life. Goa offers a wide range of options when it comes to accommodation for the backpackers. Apart from the numerous budget hotels, Goa has many village cottages and beach side huts that are let out by the locals at very cheap rates. Apart from saving money, you get to stay away from the city, right in the midst of the rustic beauty of Goa.

Now on to transport; the motor cycle taxis are the most attractive for the backpackers. Then there are the three wheeled auto-rickshaws with doors and curtains, giving you a modest and cozy version of a limousine. Of course, you must try out travelling with your group by hiring motor cycles. Motor biking along the winding hilly roads would make up for a memorable vacation in Goa.

The usual backpacking gear has to be carried. This includes maps, torch lights, pocket knives, water proof matches, fire lighter, compass, copies of your travel related papers and lots of first aid.

Goa tourism has never been hassled by major safety issues. A few stray incidents may make you think twice; but scores of tourists would assure you that the place is very safe for backpackers. However, a few points should be kept in mind while you are backpacking in Goa.

Although the people are very friendly and helpful, trusting someone too much, especially with your belongings or cash is not wise at all and should be avoided. The best approach would be to go through backpackers’ associations.

Never entertain anyone who approaches you with anything that smells remotely unlawful. Sometimes tourists do not understand local laws and backpackers maybe easily susceptible, being relatively independent while traveling.

To sum up, for memorable backpacking Goa vacations, stick to the basics. Do not try anything out of the box, follow safety guidelines, and always carry loads of common sense.