So you are flying out of the country. Excited?  No doubt. Before you start packing, though, remember a few rules you will need to follow. Most airlines restrict the size, length, and girth of your luggage, even the amount of luggage you are allowed to take with you on the plane.

When packing your handbag pack only the essentials like your wallet and medicines (if needed). Do not carry any liquid or gels over 3 oz in volume.

Items like match boxes, fireworks, aerosol sprays and the like are a definite no-no. If you possess flammable or potentially dangerous items you are best advised to put these things away in your checked luggage. About the latter: if you have connecting flights, do ensure that your luggage is tagged accurately to display your final destination. This is so much better than having to collect your luggage and going through security yet again before catching your next flight.

You would also be well-advised to divide your clothing equally in two bags. It spares you the hassle of buying fresh clothing items in another country should one of the bags get lost.

Veteran air travelers find that familiarizing oneself with airport terminals can be of great help. This is where the internet can be of the greatest help. Locating the map of an airport – any airport – is easy. This is the sort of information that comes in handy when faced with a time crunch.

Don’t forget to double check your documents. Most countries require a visa for entry while countries like South Africa stipulate two unstamped pages in your passport before allowing entrance. A list of entrance regulations is available on the website

Should you happen to suffer from some form of disability and require a premium seat,  inform your agent beforehand. You can also learn about seat configuration on your own by visiting and booking your seat in advance.

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