When people talk about luxury travel, they’re often talking about flying first class. Flying first class definitely has its perks; larger seats, better drinks and meals, more personal attention, etc. But these luxuries come with a price. The differences between a first class ticket and a coach ticket are significant and they limit many people from flying first class. However, there are a few ways to get deals on first class airfare. The top three ways are 1) searching online, 2) upgrading at the last minute, and 3) accumulating frequent flyer miles.

Find Luxury Travel Deals Online

The Internet should be the first place you turn to for all your travel needs, including deals on airfare and luxury travel. The web is filled with travel web sites that offer discounts on airfare to many top travel destinations. These sites often purchase tickets in bulk at a discounted price or utilize airfare search engine technology to search the web and databases for comparative rates and savings on travel tickets. The web allows you to bypass the traditional travel agent and search for cheap airfare on your own, ridding any “service charge” or “additional services” expenses that often accompany purchasing tickets through a travel agency. By searching the web for luxury travel deals, you’ll be able to find amazing deals on first class airfare and finally fly the way you’ve always wanted to.

Find Last Minute Luxury Travel Deals at the Airport

Some airlines allow passengers to upgrade their ticket at the last minute. Often, these last minute upgrades are much cheaper than booking a first class ticket in the first place. That’s because these last minute ticket upgrades aren’t always available. It depends on the number of seats available in first class. On some flights, first class is completely booked, eliminating any last-minute first class ticket upgrades. However, on flights where first class is practically a ghost town, the airlines will be more willing to upgrade your ticket for a small fee just to make a few more bucks. So, if you’ve always wanted to fly first class and only have a coach ticket, ask when you check in if a first class upgrade is available. You might just find a very inexpensive first class upgrade and finally be able to experience luxury travel.

Accumulate Your Frequent Flyer Miles for Free Luxury Travel Deals

If you fly a lot for business or personal reasons, it’s a good idea to sign up with an airline’s frequent flyer program and start earning miles. A frequent flyer program is an airline’s way of rewarding customer loyalty. Through such programs, flyers earn points (a.k.a. miles) each time they fly. Flyers can then cash in their points for different products or services, including free first class ticket upgrades. The more a person flies and the longer the flights are, the more points the flyer accrues. So, if you fly frequently and want to experience luxury travel, become a member of an airline’s frequent flyer program and start earning points for a free first class upgrade.

Top Luxury Travel Destinations


Paris is a haven for love and romance, the disputed epicenter of cutting-edge fashion, a global culinary capital, the motherland of fine arts and let us not forget the self-given accolade of an elite culture. The streets of Paris, particularly on spring or summer evenings, are an enchanting mosaic of clanking wine glasses, aromatic espresso and impassioned chatter against a background of softly lit cobblestone. If you want to experience the luxury of traveling to Paris, find luxury travel deals to Paris and read more about travel to Paris at .


There are few places in the world where shopping and eating could be considered religious experiences. Milan’s boutique-lined streets offer some of the world’s most exquisite and exclusive styles, dominating the cutting-edge of design. Travel to Milan to pamper yourself, but keep a keen eye for how you might redecorate your outdated (by Milan standards) living room. Brera is the most sophisticated and elite shopping area, centrally located and also home to the Pinacoteca de Brera, one of the most coveted museum collections in Europe. If you want to experience the luxury of traveling to Milan, find luxury travel deals to Milan and read more about travel to Milan at .

Luxury travel is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. However due to the high cost of first class airfare, many people never get to experience it. If you want to fly first class and travel in style, use this guide to help you find deals on luxury travel, and experience exotic and luxurious destinations around the world.