Any time of year can be a favorite time to travel near and abroad. Travel today may seem a little overwhelming, what with all the rules. Especially if you are, say, maturity in years.

But do not let that stop you! With few senior travel tips, no matter what your age or your problems, you can have a fabulous trip success – all in the details. I’ve been around – many places in the U.S., Europe several times for weeks or months, Kuwait (I lived there almost a year – once a kid who travel), Mexico, Canada, South America. One thing I learned – travel is not “uniform.” Every place has problems and needs attention to detail.

Retirement travel is a favorite pastime during the golden years, (even if not removed). The first step to success is, as almost anything in life, to establish a goal. His trip goal. (You got it, right?) So where you really want to go (no other person wants it to go). All this involves different types of planning. Gourmet kitchen? Warehouse experience? Great adventure? Are you in the story? Want to try your stay comfortable in a European monastery rather than a typical hotel? Or maybe it’s something related to your special hobby. Hi – what about metal detecting.

No, I’m not kidding. I know a man who takes this so seriously (and he has a lot of fun too), which leads to other hiking and teach them what to do. He and his wife, who have filled a shoebox with jewelry of gold and jewels of “hot spots” everywhere. His favorites are the beaches of Mexico. Many lost jewels there. About twice a year to let the tree go through the box and take home a few souvenirs. Because they have much of their own now, who want no more. Not bad. All metal detectors.

In addition to a goal, you have to have comfort. Well, maybe not but I do. If you are a last minute planner, keep track of all the details can get crazy. But there are ways. To begin with, has a piece of paper in your kitchen, bedroom or study. Every time you get an impromptu idea you have to do or have, add to the list. You can rearrange the list below, but at least you have it down. Then save the list forever and keep settings while traveling.

If you are a baby boomer or more may have special considerations that require a lot of additional considerations. Do you know what everyone? Are you afraid you’ll forget something? This is particularly important if you are traveling a long distance, overseas, for example. Do you really know about food, drink, sanitation, and bathroom … er …? I mean … Really? What do you think the safest restaurants and visitor. Do you believe everything you see and read in the glossy brochures? Think again. I learned the hard way. They can be very misleading – after all, are ultimately a sales pitch. You need to do a little homework online at the library or bookstore. Best of all, talk to someone who’s been there done that. If you have a travel agent who really does, you’re lucky. You know exactly what all we should make the travel agent?

There are other considerations. If you are a woman, are you tempted to pack shoes and a bag for each team (and as many teams is that, exactly)? How do you pack a big difference when you have to run around getting connections, getting through lines, walk everywhere, and tank. Check out some of those books on how to pack lightly. And then there’s so important, “Thank God-I-brought-That” kit. Do you know what has to be there, in addition to aspirin and a good book? Last but not least, are you ever hunted in the air, whether you turn off the iron? Much less the rest of the list to three feet long so check before you go (provided you’ve thought of everything). And then there is important information to be given to a family member – just in case.