Turkey is the one of the prime holiday destinations in Europe. Currently more than 20 million tourists are visiting turkey every year. Turkey is modern country in compare with the neighbors especially other Muslim Middle East countries. If you are too connected to internet you probably carry your laptop to Turkey while you are in holiday. Wireless access is not a new term in Turkey holiday resorts you may even find free connection in your hotel or apart. On the other hand some resorts has limited access to the internet you might need to search around a internet café which is also very common in Turkey.

Travelers to Turkey need not think that it is a country where camels are still the sole means of conveyance and where people have not heard of any modern amenity and technology. Getting Internet access in Turkey is quite trouble-free and cheap. Most of the resorts, hotels and inns have one or more computers with Internet facilities enabling the guests to have access to the web. In case it is a hostel or a lodge where a computer is not provided for the guests’ use, the owner or the administrator will allow the guest to use the computer allotted for official use. The hotels also provide Wifi or wireless Internet access to the guests who are traveling with their personal laptops. This facility is available even in almost all medium and small hotels where they let the guests use the lounge or the lobby for this purpose. The number of hotels having repeaters that transmit the signal to every guest room is also increasing. Wifi access is normally available free of charge in small inns and hotels. Places like the tree houses of Olimpos and the cave rooms of Cappadocia also have Internet accessibility.

Turkey gets its Internet access through ISPs or Internet Service Providers like:

Atlas Telecom Online:It is a Turkish service provider with the domain atlas.net.tr.

ISPro Turkey:It is a service provider that has a web-designing unit as well. Its domain is ispro.net.tr.

Super Online:It is a Turkish ISP and an online service provider. Its domain is superonline.net.

TR-net:It provides dial-up connection and relay and allied services. Its domain is tr-net.net.tr.

TTNet Turkey:This ISP of Turkey provides dial-up connection and ADSL solutions and services. Its domain is ttnet.net.tr.

Restaurants and cafes in some of the large cities of Turkey are also arranging for Wifi access for their clientele. More and more public buildings in most of the Turkish cities are also setting up Wifi facilities. The principal airports of Turkey also have Wifi. The traveler or the visitor only needs to ask the concerned staff for the relevant password that allows one to access the system. Almost all luxury hotels of Turkey possess RJ-45 or Ethernet ports for speedy connections. Internet access also enables one to talk with another Internet user sitting at any corner of the world with the help of Internet Telephony facilities.