Some of the cheapest but still superb Jamaica travel deals are available for travelers who choose to visit Jamaica from June to November. Trips booked during September and October actually offer the best Jamaica travel deals as these are the months when travel to the Caribbean is at its lightest, and hotels, resorts and other industries that rely on tourism and travel are desperate to bring in business.

Most tourists travel to Jamaica from mid-December to mid-April, because the island boasts absolutely beautiful weather, a stark contrast to the winter weather most people are trying to get away from. Demand is high for airfare, hotels, restaurants and entertainment, so prices skyrocket and tourist attractions are full of huge crowds and eager vacationers. December to April are the months in Jamaica where there’s no risk of a hurricane, and so the beaches are full of worry-free travelers.

If you’re looking for the best Jamaica travel deals, though, the top way to ensure you’ll find the best deal is to visit the island during the off-peak times of June to November. You can save huge amounts of cash by doing during this time, not just on your flight but on hotels, resorts, spas, entertainment, dining and everything else you can think of. Not only will you save more money by visiting during this time, there are so many less tourists that you’ll be able to take advantage of even more without worry about wait, queues or crowding.

If you’re wondering why June to November is less popular for travel, that’s because those months offer the greatest risk of a hurricane in Jamaica. Please don’t let that deter you if you’re looking for great discount Jamaica travel deals. The likelihood that a hurricane will come along and ruin your vacation is slim. The odds of anything happen during the time you opt to spend on the island are slim. Not to worry, though. Many if not most resorts offer a hurricane guarantee, so you can get a refund if a hurricane should actually disrupt your vacation, making it a worry-free holiday.