So you want to visit India? Well, good choice: you’ll need to access cheap flight to India opportunities. Wild tigers, Buddhist Monasteries, the Lotus Temple and the Taj Mahal ‘ India is a country rich in beauty, culture, color, and sound. The problem, of course, is getting there ‘ and finding travel tips to India can be done with just a little thought and preparation.

As always when looking for cheap flights to India offers, there are a few things to keep in mind. The biggest key to getting discounted airfare is flexibility: off-season, weekday, or after-hours flights will always be cheaper than a Friday afternoon 4:00 flight to Paris. Enter multiple dates when searching for tickets; Monday and Wednesday may be the same to you, but have a hundred-dollar difference to the airline carrier. Flying right around holidays can be difficult, but flying on a holiday ‘ such as Thanksgiving ‘ can be a major steal, since the day itself is a slow one for airlines.

Another tactic for saving money and finding a cheap flights to India offer is flying in to a major city in India even if it’s not where you’re ultimately trying to go. With this method, of course, you have the added benefit of seeing even more of the India ‘ something no smart traveler would say no to.

India is a fascinating and vibrant country, with a huge span of culture and diversity. Start in the south, perhaps in Calcutta, and make sure you take a guided tour into the heart of the lush jungles. One of the last places where wild tigers, wolves, and elephants still exist, these vine-entangled forests set the scene for Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book, an author well worth reading if you are going to his beloved country.

From the south you will want to work up ‘ and the north is as different from the south as the east is from the west, so much different. Where on one end you find tropical flowers and exotic spices, on the other you are immersed in towering mountains, Himalayan peaks and steaming cups of fresh-picked Darjeeling Tea. The tea, of course, is a facet in itself of Indian culture; everywhere you go vendors selling hot pots of creamy chai will meet you.

India is chosen as a destination by thousands every year, coming for reasons as varied and complex as the country itself. Student backpackers flock to the country for the rich, delicious and inexpensive food, as well as cheap lodging and amazing sights. Older tourists may come for the history, beauty, and architecture, admiring the stunning expanse of the Taj Mahal and Indian Palaces, while others may come for spiritual reasons, giving honour to the ancient traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism that have made India a Mecca for many spiritual seekers. Hikers and Bikers also come, eager to tackle those royal peaks, scaling the Himalayas and looking across to neighbouring Mount Everest.

India is a country of sharp and striking colours; destitute poverty alongside riches and wealth, dirt and grime against silk and beauty, delicious spices mingling their scents with the smell of elephant manure. Not for the weak stomach, India will explode on your palate, your vision, your ears, and your soul. As always when traveling, there are a few things to be careful of: always keep copies of your passport and important documents somewhere other than your wallet, and keep money or valuables strapped close to your body, not on a loose-strung purse or hanging from a backpack. With a few precautions, however, India is both a warm and friendly place, and one of the safest places on the continent to visit ask anyone.

Finding a cheap flights to India is more than a quick trip. It is a discount ticket to a once in a lifetime adventure.