Stretchyourtravelbudgetfrom the beginning by saving on yourairfare discounttraveldeals. Yourflightswill probably costyou lessif you traveloff season. You’llsavemoney on hotelsand find fewer crowds too.Shoulder seasonsare best.The really”off” season may be too rainy or cold for you to enjoy yourholiday.You wantto savemoney…not be miserable.

Ifyou’regoingto visitseveral cities considerflying withan “open jaw” ticket. It may costa littlemorefor the ticket itself, but you mightsavein timeand groundtransportationcosts;. If you’rerentinga car, drop off chargesmightcancelany savings,so it could be better to get backto the same airport. Do yourresearchto see whichway you will get the best discounttraveldeals

Once you’reat yourdestination,stretchyourtravelbudgetby usingpublictransportationto and from the airport…taxis can be expensive. You can compare prices;… if there are fourof you sharing the taxi, it mightbe a pushor onlya littlemoreand worth it.

Sharerentalcar expenses. Rental cars can be a great way to get out to the countryside, but theyadd a daily expense to yourbudget. Cut that downby traveling;withothers. If fourof you are traveling;together,a car may be lessthanthe priceof fourtraintickets.

Try to avoidthe collision damage waver chargeson rentalcars.Generally if you havea “gold” credit card, the credit cardcompany will coverthisinsurance. Checkwithyourcardcompany though,because certaincounties are not includedin thiscovera;ge;. In those counties, the CDW will be mandatoryand should be includedin the priced;you are quoted.

You don\’t wantto haveyourrentalcar in big cities.Thosebig cities are a headache to drive in. To keepyourrentalcar safe, you need to park in a garage, and parking fees are expensive. Do yourcitytouring first. To savethe headaches and stretchyourtravelbudget, taketrains;or busesbetweencities, thenpick up yourrentalcar for yourdrive in the countryside.

Ifyou’regoingto stay onlyin cities, use the trainand localtransportation. When you’retaking the train, go second-class. The seatsaren’tquiteas cushy, but theyare comfortable enoughfor yourtrip,and you\’ll savea bunch withthisdiscounttraveldeal.

Whenyou’reusingthe localsubways and buses, considerhow many tripsyou\’ll be taking on that transportation… It mightbe worth while buying a transitcard…or at least a booklet of tickets for a discount. If you’reonlygoingto takeone trip,justbuy one ticket. No need to pay for transportationyou won’tuse.

Walkaroundthe cityon yourown witha goodmap is a great discounttraveltip, rather thantaking a bus tour. Organized walkingtours can be a fun and inexpensiveway to go. If you wantto arrange a tour,you mightdo better arrangingit through the touristofficerather thanyourhotel.

Youcan stretchyourtravelbudgetif you are smart abouthow and whenyou travelto yourdestination. Take the lessexpensiveoptions to get aroundonce you’rethere.You’llbe traveling;frugally,but having justas much fun.