While traveling can be interesting, happy and even necessary at times, one should take care that the experience should not be a problematic one. For this travelers should follow some basic guidelines, which would help them in a long way to ensure their own safety as well as that of their family and luggage.

Ensure that your insurance coverage caters to any kind of loss or accidents overseas. Your health insurance may reimburse you for medical care while abroad, but most health insurances do not ensure medical evacuation in case of an emergency from a remote area.

You could purchase a policy designed for travelers, catering to short-term health and emergency assistance, and especially medical evacuation in the event of an accident.

It is essential to register your travel with the State Department so that you may be contacted if necessary in case of a family emergency at home or because of a problem in the place you might be currently situated in.

Keep a note of the credit limit of your credit cards while traveling, this way you can avoid over charging and cross limits during travel. There have been times when people have been arrested for unknowingly exceeding their credit card limit.

Always avoid carrying too much of cash, countersign travelers checks in front of the person who will en-cash it. Restrain from showing your money to unknown people. Be sure to take back your credit card the transaction is complete.

Avoid black marketers for money exchange and deal with authorized agents only. In case of a loss or theft immediately report the matter to the authorities.

Always be very cautious while traveling. Use your instinct and common sense while traveling, beware of local goons or pick pockets. Avoid politically tensed areas, or unsafe roads.

Keep with you a list of emergency phone numbers that you might need apart from the closest embassy or consulate numbers.

Keeping yourself safe in the hotel is as important as on the roads.

Check into a hotel only after you have prior information about it. Avoid meeting with visitors in your room. Keep your valuables in the hotel safe instead of the room. In case of international travel it is always advisable to travel with a group or on a travel cruise.

If you are traveling by road, rent a car, which is easily available and used more by the locals. Keep your car doors locked when you are not in. Avoid flashy cars, and do not compromise on the quality of the vehicle, since it is necessary for your comfort and safety to have a good vehicle.

Always remember that while traveling that your safety is primarily your own look out. You should always be careful while driving and maintain road rules applicable internationally.

Drunken driving could be dangerous besides landing you in trouble.

All in all in order to make your trip a healthy and happy experience it is important that you are aware of the complications that might occur.

A very important travel safety tip is to not look like a tourist. Do your research on what people of the country or state are wearing. I would not suggest purchasing an entirely new wardrobe but not sticking out like a “sore thumb” may be in your best interest. The least amount of jewelry is best. If you have to wear jewelry try least expensive pieces. Besides most people travel to enjoy their destination not to have their destination enjoy their dress ensemble.