If you are planning on taking a road less travelled this year, then make sure you follow the tips below so it goes off without a hitch.

Store your camera memory somewhere separate to your camera. It sounds a little silly but the amount of people i know who have been away and had their camera stolen, losing photographs that they will never get back. Make sure that the first photo on your camera is of a card with your name and address on; it will make it easier to trace if found by the police.

Take the padding out of your bra, and put your money in it. Again, ridiculous, but if you get pick pocketed or mugged, your money will remain close to your heart.

Take clothes that you don’t mind leaving behind, as you will buy stuff as you go along, and will have to clear some room out somewhere along the line. Give them to children in poorer parts of the world and it will warm your heart too.

Take a scarf. It can be a pillow, a sarong, sunshield or scarf, but its so versatile that it can fit whenever the situation requires it to.

Arrive at new destinations in the day. It may be cheaper to take transport that arrives in the middle of the night, but cities can seem very overwhelming after dark if you are new to them. Aim for daylight and you will find it much easier to adapt to your new surroundings.

If you are planning on travelling, take out an Annual Travel Insurance policy to protect you and your belongings.