Often rated as probably the best place in N. America to take your children on a skiing holiday. Smugglers’ has an array of activities and entertainment options for the kids with some very friendly beginner slopes. The instructors at Smugglers’ have also been specially trained to deal with young learners, so this really is a fantastic place. However, what makes this such a popular choice is that in accommodating for little one, Mums and Dads have not been forgotten and there are also lots of things for Mum and Dad to do when little one is safely tucked-up in bed. All-in-all, a great resort town.

* Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Already known as one of the best ski resorts in the world, Whistler also qualifies as one of the best places in N. America to take your children on a skiing holiday. Here, Whistler is one of the few high-end ski resorts in N. America that not only freely allows snowboarding, but actually encourages it! Specially trained ski instructors also means that you can leave your children with the instructor for a while whilst you go off and ski some of Whistler’s more advance slopes. And, if your child decides that skiing is not really for them, this wonderful resort town has plenty of alternative activities that will keep them entertained for hours at a time.

* The Canyons, Utah, USA
Centred around Park City, the Canyons in Utah are considered one of, if not the, most family-friendly ski resorts in N. America. Not far from the Canyons is Salt Lake City, home of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Certainly a top consideration for young families looking for a scenic, learner-friendly, ski resort.

European Skiing Resorts

* Les Arcs, France
Les Arcs holds itself out as being the first purpose built ski resort in the world catering to children! The resort is designed on a French-Canadian style village with a cable car linking it to the resort of La Plagne. The resort is huge, and has ample ski runs to satisfy both the more professional skier and the complete novice. The ski resort area at 1800 has a specially built children’s zone with magic carpet lifts and sledging tracks. Really, if Europe is the ski destination of choice this year for you and your family, give serious consideration to this resort – it’s superb!

* Ski Schools, Soldeu, Andorra, Spain
The ski resort in Andorra is set up specifically to help young children learn how to ski and is widely considered one of the best schools to learn to ski at. Many of the recent graduates of this school have gone on to compete on the European ski circuit. However, the school also offers classes to adults; and is so diverse and in tune with the public’s feelings towards skiing, now has a snowboarding school! Skiing lessons here are given to children wanting to learn from as early as 12 months old – showing that you have to prepare children early in the modern world of skiing championships. It should be noted, however, that this school is set up specifically for the serious learner, so if you want to partake in extra activities, you’ll need to make arrangements to go off camp. Aside from that, fun is the order of the day at the school!