Flying during the nighttime hours can be very peaceful. Once you’ve taken off and begun cruising at a comfortable altitude, it’s time to kick back, relax and look forward to your journey. Plan ahead for your trip and before you know it, you’ll be preparing for the final descent into your destination city.

Travel Size

Sure, airlines offer you a small pillow and blanket. But if you’re headed off for a particularly long flight, you might want to bring along your own modified versions. There are many types of travel pillows on the market today, ranging in size and style. Before you leave for your trip, hit your local retail establishments and try out a few types that will best suit your needs. That favorite blanket that your grandma knitted can also make the perfect travel partner, so don’t be shy about bringing it along. There is no judgment in the skies.

Slip Into Comfort

Shoes can be confining and constrict the flow of blood in your legs, so allowing your feet to be free can relieve bodily stress. Bring along a pair of comfy slippers to help your body relax and trick your mind into thinking you’re enjoying a restful night at home. And who knows… strolling the aisles in your well-worn bunny footwear may just start a new fashion trend. Remember of course, that personal odors can cause an embarrassing situation. If you’re notorious for sporting an unpleasant aroma in your Hushpuppies, take that in to account before subjecting the entire cabin to your signature foot fragrance.

Tune In, Zone Out

Don’t forget to load up your MP3 player with a variety of music that you find comforting. Don’t worry, those ear buds assure the fact that nobody around you will know that you secretly adore listening to the chanting of monks or that Broadway showtunes help prepare you for that big business meeting. There are several genres of music websites that include pre-set play lists – take advantage of modern technology and your tunes can whisk you away to dreamland in no time.


For obvious reasons, loading up on the java pre-flight can have its drawbacks. If you plan on staying awake during your evening travel, then by all means, grab a cup. However, if you’d prefer to catch a few winks in the dimly-lit cabin, then avoid anything associated with caffeine. The jolt isn’t limited to the usual suspects like coffee, tea, and sodas. Keep away from dark and milk chocolate and if you are taking any cold medications, be sure to check the label. Some remedies provide the same amount of kick as a cup of coffee.

Bad Medicine

Sometimes it’s not wise to rely on artificial methods in order to catch a nap. Unless you’ve tested out sleep aids prior to travel, try to stick with more conventional methods. Some over-the-counter and prescription medications can cause a very deep sleep. You’re after a light slumber – not the Rip Van Winkle look. It’s also tempting to turn to alcohol to relax. A drink or two to help you calm down is perfectly fine, but just try to limit yourself.

Sleeping while in the air can be challenging, but if you take the time to address your needs before boarding your plane, you might be pleasantly surprised. When it comes time to return your seat to its upright position, the only bags that you’ll be sporting are the ones that you packed for your trip.