Most people have Paris in their bucket list. Many say that it is truly one of those cities that you should see sometime in your life. It is not only because the sights are awe-inspiring but also because it is rich with historical, cultural, and architectural magnificence that only few cities in this world have. Below, you will find practical information on how to have a wonderful trip in this amazing city of France.

Attractions to visit

Paris has become synonymous to Eiffel Tower that there is no way you can miss this place while you’re here. It is definitely one of the must-see places in Paris that you just cannot overlook in your travel itinerary. This structure, which stands one thousand feet, is one breathtaking sight that would make your vacation more memorable. Be sure to see the view from the top, it would surely take your breath away. Your next stop would be Louvre, which for most people, is the most famous art gallery in the world. It is home to the greatest portrait of all time, which is no other than the Mona Lisa. Other sites to see include the equally magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral and the interesting Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Travel research

Just like with most trips, it is essential that you research thoroughly about this place before you go here. This is to ensure that you know almost everything there is to know about maximizing your Paris vacation. Do not just get a listing of the attractions. Be sure to learn more about each of the places to visit including details like opening hours, directions, admission fee, guided tours and any other important information. It is also important that you study travel maps of the city so that when you’re there, you can easily figure out where you should be heading. This would save you from getting lost and frustrated.

Best time to visit

Paris is beautiful all year round but the best season to visit would be in Spring. This is the time when the attractions are not yet packed with summer people and the weather is just right, not too hot and not too cold. Since this is the best time to go here, you can expect that it can also get quite crowded. Scheduling your trip during the weekday and away from holidays would be a good way to avoid the crowds. You can also solve the problem of heightened costs by buying airline tickets and booking hotels and visitor insurance in advance to enjoy early bird discounts. Booking in groups would also help you save a lot.

Travel Insurance

It is very important that you get visitor insurance when traveling to Paris or any other part of the world. If you are able to, secure a Schengen visa, which would allow you to see major parts of Europe including but not limited to Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Italy, and Germany. Before you set off on your trip you would want to get global health insurance to cover you in case of lost luggage, illness or accident. Visitor insurance and global health insurance are just two of the many documents that you have to process and organize prior to your trip.