When it comes to Beijing, will always think of Lao She, I think of his characters come alive in Beijing. In Lao She’s works, many of Beijing’s Chinese New Year memories. To welcome the New Year, Beijing Lao She Memorial Hall on December 23 from 2010 to 2011 held the fifteenth day of “New Year – Lao She’s the world into” festive series of activities, so that more people appreciate the genuineness of Lao She described by the Beijing Spring Festival.
February 3, 2011 as the Lunar New Year’s Day in rabbits is 112 birth anniversary of Lao She. Rich Dengshikou Street Beijing Hutong 19 Dan persimmon small courtyard filled with the festive atmosphere of New Year. Enter the gate to see the door close to the Lao She’s couplets, “waves wind, promising; Xianglongfuhu and vigor,” scroll reads “happy New Year.” Lao She loved life, write couplets, he said “Welcome Spring Festival couplets to. Red paper, black characters, sub-posted by the door, did increase the festivity.”
According to the staff, “the New Year – Lao She walked into the world” exhibition is divided into the bitter cold of childhood, a living four, married, Octagon wind and rain, the United States to give lectures, People’s Artist of six parts, by a large number of photographs, original and household items such as physical describes the life of Lao She.
Pen for the reproduction of Lao She Beijing Spring Festival, Lao She Memorial Hall is also in accordance with the custom of old Beijing New Year in the former residence of the hospital arranged a booming Chinese New Year scene. Court House column was written by Mr. Lao She posted three pairs of couplets, the house close to the pictures, close the door keeper, colorful screen wall hanging Jieh Hu Qing, wife of Lao She personally wrote the lifetime welfare of words.
Lao She in the “Beijing Spring” in the description: “In the Laba day, people at home, temple, and all the laba porridge. Laba Laba garlic bulbs that day also. To put high on this day garlic vinegar, seal it up for the New Year dumplings … used … “
On New Year’s Eve, Lao She wrote, “New Year’s Eve buzz. Every family in time to do New Year’s feast, filled with the smell of wine and meat. Young and old men and women are wearing new clothes, stickers, ready to red door couplets, colorful stickers, ready to house paintings, What a night the lights are not allowed to break, the guns day and night without a break. in outside people to work, unless a last resort, must go home, the reunion dinner, worship. That night, in addition to small children, no one sleep , and should stay up. “
February 4 Big Year, a black sesame from Beijing Hutong, Dongcheng District, school students and parents came to visit the Lao She Memorial Hall. He said: “I read in elementary school textbooks Lao She’s” Cats “and” gardening “, my mom and dad learned a child Lao She’s” under the hot sun and storm, “I want to know how the past is the Chinese New Year Beijing The. “
Audience Fu Donghua recalls: “As a boy, and only eat on New Year day, a treat, the children are looking forward to Chinese New Year to put on new clothes. Now life is better, only eating and playing New Year, the traditional festive Some children short. “
Son of Lao She, the writer Shu Yi has called back the annual taste of old Beijing. He said: “My family in Beijing, near the altar, the annual Spring Festival, a large number of tourists poured into the garden to the altar. I often see that when they leave, holding the hands of only a few visitors but a few are not very similar way The plastic toys, most empty-handed – apparently, the content of our temple garden too monotonous, poor and boring. “
Shu Yi that lost the most powerful is the traditional Lantern Festival. In the past, the first month is the eighth day Shun-Star Festival, a festival custom of stars, the protagonist is a lamp, put a lot of lights around the house, called “Respect Deng Hua.” Lantern Festival Lantern Festival is the real, the protagonist is a wide variety of lanterns, and now that’s brilliant if you want to reproduce a whole industry needs to support.
Beijing Lao She has described the Festival of Lights: “Lantern Festival lights hanging everywhere and festoons, the whole street like a wedding, Huochi and beautiful. Famous old shops have hung out a few hundred light years, there is glass all Some invariably the horn, and some are Shadeng. Some Gexinggese, some all painted all “Red” or “Water Margin” story. In addition to hanging lights, but also put flowers on the square together. in the Temple also lit the fire in contracting, flames from the Magistrate Nixiang the mouth, ears, nose, eyes stretched spit it out. park sensational day light, like a fly to the sky like a star. Tayue men and women are out to see lights, the fireworks . “
In Lao She Memorial Hall to see the small yard has hung a string of red paper lanterns, each lantern has a following riddles, content, and the works of Lao She, and Beijing’s folk , and idioms related. Staff said that Lao New Year like the lively, red persimmon year riddles are held in a small courtyard activities, guess who will get a little gift.
Staff said, in fact, the name of Lao She and the Chinese New Year is also relevant. Lao She was born in 1899, the twelfth lunar month xxiii, the next day is the beginning of spring, his parents named Shu Qingchun, there to celebrate the arrival of spring means.