India is an exotic land with beautiful natural landscape. India is a country of diverse tradition and enriching culture. Tourists across the globe are attracted to the rich culture and mesmerizing landscape of this exotic land. People from all over the world are planning their Trip to India to visit the varied destinations of the country. The religious diversity and the spiritual sentiments of Indian people draw several travelers from all over who wish to travel to India for experiencing the peace and harmony of this land. India is a preferred travel destination of the world. It is home to many beautiful places that offer complete travel destinations with beautiful natural landscape.

A custom trip to India requires many days of planning as this exotic land boasts of countless beautiful destinations that are window to the rich Indian culture. And if not a long trip then some exceptional places might be left unvisited! The tourism of a country strongly depends on many factors like its infrastructure, proper accessibility and most importantly for international tourists; the terror factor becomes an important issue. Peace in a nation is extremely essential for increasing the growth rate of tourism in a country. However, India has seen a rapid development over the recent past and consequently its tourism has increased rapidly. Presently, a large no of tourists plan travel to India every year to experience the richness of this vast land.

As a result of the increasing number of tourists planning their trip to India, there are many travel packages available to the visitors. These tour packages are offered at reasonable costs and fulfill all travel requirements of various tourists. The cheap travel packages can bring home a large number of tourists and the increasing numbers of travelers to the country has consequently boosted the tourism industry. It is a vicious circle! Having a suitable and a convenient tour operator is extremely important. One can comfortably experience the richness of Indian culture by travelling to beautiful destinations of the Indian land, without having to worry about the issues of accommodation, transportation and ticketing. A responsible and appropriate tour operator will take charge of all these requirements and that too at economical prices!

There are special Golden Triangle Tour Operators, who arrange exclusive travel to the ancient cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur with the Golden Triangle Tour. One can have a memorable trip to India by visiting the 3 major cities of the north-west India. so hire a Golden Triangle Tour Operator and learn about the historic significance and cultural importance of the three ancient cities.