Lagos is main land to visit at Nigeria to amuse and entertain the tourists round the globe. Tourists by choice book their flights to Lagos through Royal Air Maroc to have fun and spend holidays. Lagos is very important city as far as the tourism and economy of the country is concerned. Lagos is old capital city of Nigeria. Lagos is currently serving Nigeria as the commercial capital. Nigeria is biggest city of Africa and worlds 6th largest oil producing Country. Major exports of Nigeria are its oil and petroleum products. Lagos is second most populous city of Africa after Cairo. This city is also ranked among the most rapid growing cities. This city holds the 7th position among these fast growing cities of the world. All the oil and petroleum products of Nigeria are manufactured and furnished at Lagos. More over Lagos has the most important port of Nigeria. All the trading and import, export activities of not only Nigeria but all of the major neighbouring countries are run through here. This clearly shows the importance of this city and makes this city the economic hub and truly backbone of Nigeria’s economy.

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Due to tremendous interest of travelers at Lagos from London and rest of the globe who have booked their seats in flights to Lagos from London and rest of the countries to watch the beautiful places and observe the hot savannah climate. All the leading Airlines of the world have increased their flights to Lagos to cater and meet the travel requirements of the passengers.