We are all interested in cheap ticket air travel when we fly. However, there are not a lot of people who know how to achieve this goal. Even many seasoned travelers make mistakes when flying that cost them lots of money they would not otherwise have to spend. This article reveals one of the cheap ticket air travel secrets-an easy 3 step process to help you get the lowest priced plane tickets.

The first step to cheap ticket air travel is to make sure you book your flight well in advance. Airlines need to plan flights in advance so they know how much food, fuel, & space for luggage will be required on a flight.They will give you a much lower rate for allowing them the opportunity to plan ahead. You should be booking your flights at least one month in advance, & preferably longer to set your self up for the little used step 3.

The second step to cheap ticket air travel is to book your flight at an inconvenient time. Everybody wants to fly between 9Am and 5PM, and businesses are most likely to purchase flights in this time frame, & that drives up the price. By flying at an odd time, competition for tickets will be lower as well as prices.

The final step to cheap ticket air travel is one most people never think about, & it costs travelers millions of dollars a year they would not otherwise pay. It makes plenty of extra money for the airlines, & it is so simple to avoid. Once you book your tickets, continue to monitor the price. If it drops prior to your flight, call the airline & ask for a refund of the difference. This one tip can save you tons of money if you just USE it.