Solo travellers are on the increase. With the breakdown of marriages and relationships in general, more and more people are deciding to travel alone. This has many advantages. You can take advantage of cheap holiday deals and don’t have to answer to anyone. Travelling alone gives you untold freedom. If you suddenly decide to explore something off the beaten track, there is no one else you have to convince. More importantly you don’t have to pander to another’s wishes and possibly go to places that don’t interest you at all and you don’t have to wait around for anyone else.

Many places are suited to the solo traveller, famous for their friendliness and laid back attitude to life. One such place has to be Buenos Aires. This is the cosmopolitan centre of Argentina and is renowned for its European architecture, buzzing nightlife and its friendly locals. More night clubs are appearing all the time. One of the best is the ‘Red Door’, a San Telmo bar popular with locals and foreigners alike. Located at Chacabuco 733, San Telmo, the entrance is marked by a red door. The music on hand ranges from indie to house. Open from 6 p.m. every day, it is the ideal place to meet new friends. Many tourists on late holiday deals will find that the hotel has a range of affordable hotels. The Jardin Botanico Carlos Thais attracts many single travellers. This luscious garden is like a fairy-tale with windy paths, statues, streams, luxurious plantings and a colony of wild cats. A good way to meet other single travellers in Buenos Aires is by taking a walking or cycling tour of the city.

San Francisco is another favourite destination for single travellers. And it’s easy to see why, with a temperate climate, a lively arts scene and a very relaxed attitude to life. One of the best ways to meet new people in this bustling city is by going to the Marina Safeway at 15, Marina Boulevard. This meeting place is known locally as Dateway and has been a notable meeting place for singles for over 30 years. The crowd that come here are predominately in their late twenties or early thirties. The beaches are nothing special in San Francisco. There is generally a fog and the sea is cold. However Baker Beach is the place to meet people. The people that come here are friendly and of all sorts. Ocean Beach, about 3.5 miles along the western shore, has regular bonfire parties to which everyone is invited.

Berlin is a friendly city with the majority of the population conversant in English. One of the biggest attractions for solo travellers has to be the Nikolia Quarter (nearest tube is the Klosterstrasse) which is a sort of mini-Venice. Medieval buildings and baroque buildings were restored in 1987. The Nikolai church which dates from the 13th century is the oldest in the city. In this area are many cafes where singles tend to congregate. Berlin is popular with tourists on all inclusive holidays but for those who want cheap holiday deals, will find that the city has a range of affordable two star hotels. The Blu Nightclub in the Potsdamer Platz is one of the hottest clubs in the city and a well-known meeting place for singles.