Who doesn’t like vacations?  Vacations are the best time to unleash your stress, just relax and enjoy. Whether you’re taking a quick trip with your family, or a leisurely holiday for long, there are a couple of things you need to plan in advance. Given below are some tips on how to plan a vacation in your home country, most efficiently.



This is one of the most important things to decide before you plan your itinerary. Discuss with your family and decide on how much you can afford to spend on a vacation. Doing this before you plan the travel destination is ideal, as some places will be really expensive for stay and leisure.



Next important thing is to decide on your transportation mode. For short distances, you can drive your own car. If you are not comfortable with driving, hire a driver or even a taxi. Long distance travel requires early reservation. Check out the best travel deals available. Some travel companies offer package deals which include stay and travel. Such packages would be comparatively cheaper too. However, if you prefer a private family holiday, leave that option.

If you are taking a train or a flight, consider some options for travel within the destination city as well. Book a car or plan arrangements for a hop on – hop off tour in the city.



If you are travelling with your family, never compromise on the quality of the hotel. Safety is important more than anything else.  Consider others’ recommendations before you book a hotel. Many good hotels will have concessions or discounts for travellers who book early. Therefore, book a suitable room at least two months in advance.



Enquire about the climatic conditions in the place. Extreme weather conditions may not suit some people. Take extra precaution when you select such places.


Once you decide on these four basic things, it is time to prepare a checklist for travel:


1.       Clothes-

Do not carry more than you require. Select clothes based on the climate in the travel destination


2.       First aid kit and basic medicines-

If you are allergic to some medicines, do not forget to take the alternatives. You may not want to spend half a day searching for a medical shop during your vacation.


3.       Electronics

Cell phone and cell phone charger

Camera and charger


4.       Toiletries-

Toothbrush and toothpaste


Razors and shaving cream

Sunscreen lotions, deodorant and moisturizers

Contact lens case and lotion


5.       Tickets

Use a separate folder to carry your tickets and ID cards


6.       Travelling with a kid-

If travelling with a baby, do not forget to carry the baby kit which contains, baby clothes, diapers, milk bottles etc.


7.       Others

Bags- Paste a name-slip on all your travel bags for easy spotting. The lesser the luggage, the better

Sunglasses- Carry your sun glasses

Notepad- Carry a notepad with important addresses and phone numbers.


These simple things can make your vacation stress free and pleasurable. To know more about ideal vacation spots or destinations, please refer the Vacation Travel section of www.infolona.com


–Author is Archana Menon, Executive at Infolona