1.Buy Travelling Rations. Keep many on hand always.

 2.It’s obvious, but deserves a mention; most towns can be set as a home base and teleported to, with an hour cooldown.

 3.Rally points at campfires — really useful for getting folks from Rivendell to Thorenhad, or to Dol Dinen, for example. Anyone can summon anyone else in their fellowship to a rally point provided both the summoner and summonee have travel rations.

 4.Going between Bree, Michael Delving, Thorin’s Hall and Celondim costs 1s by swift horse, which means essentially that it’s free.

 5.This site. Know your swift ride options. For example, at level 40 you can swift ride from Esteldin to Rivendell for 20s. This is a cheap shuttle between the Misty Mountains and Angmar.

 6.Guardian’s Acorn. A skill that is possibly more useful even than the Hunter’s porting skill. Guards (lvl 39 and above) can be summoned anywhere; they just need to give you an acorn whistle, which can be mailed. This has all sorts of useful and creative applications.

 7.Racial teleports. All except elves are a 1s swift ride from all others. Elves can teleport to Rivendell when they’ve earned the trait. Requires travel rations.

 8.Join a kin with a kinhouse. You can teleport to the house. Requires travel rations.

 9.Buy a house. You can teleport to your house. Requires travel rations.

 10.Hunters can port a fellowship to most major locations (depending on their level.) (They get Rivendell at 46.) They can also bind to a campfire with a mustering horn and port an entire fellowship there.

 11.Hunters, using their Desperate Flight skill, can instantly teleport themselves to the nearest rez circle, even while in combat.

 12.Wardens can teleport themselves only to Ost Guruth, Esteldin, Tinnudir, Rivendell, 21st Hall, and one other.

 13.Captains can summon anyone from anywhere. Uses 5 travel rations .

 I don’t know the other classes (including Hunters) that well, so I’m not sure of any abilities (like Guardian’s Acorn) that other classes might have. Anyone else have any travel tips?