If you want to have a fun-filled vacation, you need to have plans. Here are the steps that you ought to take before heading for a vacation:

Determine where you want to go
It is always nice to discuss with the people whom you’re going to spend vacation with concerning the place where you want to go. List down all suggestions and choose the best destination by way of voting. Include in your discussion all possibilities like the accessibility of the place, its security and distance.
Do some research about your destination
Going to places that you do not know what to expect is risky and dangerous. Always consider research as a standard operating procedure when planning a vacation, whether near or far. It will be easier for you to plan your vacation if you have an idea what the place has in store for you.
Get hold of a map
The map is an important piece that you’ve got to have for you to be able to make travel time estimates and an itinerary. This will also help you see the distances of one landmark to another. A lot of time will be saved if you have a well planned itinerary. If you can’t get hold of a typical map, Google Earth can help you determine distances and landmarks.
Know the different modes of transportation of the place
Know the fastest or even the cheapest way to get to the different places listed in your itinerary. Like, for instance, when you’re planning to have a vacation in Europe, you can take the train, be it short or long distance trips. Trains are not only cheaper, but you will also get to see many amazing views. But if you have a big budget and you don’t want to spend most of your time on the road, you may ride on a plane for long distance trips. The view hundreds of feet above land is even more heavenly.
Plan where to stay
This is the step that sometimes needs no adept planning. Why? It is because you might not have enough time thinking of it when you’re already busy roaming around the city or the country. Instead of checking-in in a hotel, why don’t you just spend the night inside the bus or train and have a good night sleep while you’re on your way to your next destination? This way, you will save a lot of your time and money.