A woman should always take a special care about her safety and security during a journey. While getting ready for the journey there are some tips that can come in handy. Always remember to make a list of what is needed during the journey. In this way travelers can minimize the possibility of forgetting the things they need the most and even if luggage has been misplaced or stolen; there is always a list of what is lost in hand.

It’s easier to stick to a one color theme during a journey. Then the number of clothes and the amount of accessories needed is less. You can always be a fashionista even with those dull colors by wearing bright colored accessories. It is a good idea to wear something similar to what the locals would wear. This gives women a higher level of security as they will not draw too much attention to themselves.

During a journey the most common problem that arises especially for women is the wrinkling of clothes. To avoid wrinkling of clothes, when packing the harder garments like jeans, those should be packed together with harder clothes while softer clothes like cotton tops should be packed with soft clothes.

Jewelry should be packed separately. They should be wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a bag with a zipper. To avoid chains getting tangled, they can be feed through straws and sealed at both ends.

Those small things you are worried about being broken can be wrapped in socks and packed inside shoes for the extra care needed. Travel Kits containing face cream, lip balm, aspirin, ear plugs and eye masks is a must have for the female traveler.

With all these tips what matters most is the way you look. If the traveler looks confident, the probability of getting into a trouble is very low.

On the other hand finding a safe and comfortable hotel is the one of the many travel tips women should keep in mind. Shangri La Hotels and Shangrila Resorts-corporate provide the comfortable and secure experience required during a stay at any of their hotels.