Plan early, it is always advisable to plan early as it will fetch you best rates both at the hotels as well as at the airline counter, with proper planning you can also enjoy your vacation to the fullest with maximum peace of mind and take things at your own pace also remember that the peak season is not always the best time to visit a place.


Take proper advice and care from a doctor when traveling while pregnant or with any other health issues, do not plan strenuous trip if not in the pink of health and don’t make the trip a rush if health is an issue.


Avoid traveling to areas that have a history of violence, keep an eye on the travel advisories given out by different governments, be alert and listed to advices and take maximum care of your passport and cash.


The less the better, you won’t like to travel through your holiday with tons of luggage, pack the essentials though or else can be costly if you have to buy them all, make a checklist for what all you’re going to need on the trip.

Traveling with pets

Make sure that your pet is a accustomed to traveling, look for a pet friendly accommodation and see to it that the pet is not left alone for a long period of time, see to it if the accommodations offers some thing special for the pets.


Plan out your budget and book accommodations and trips based on that budget as you don’t want to be over your budget in the middle of your journey.


Tipping is both social and a custom, see what will be a good tip at the place you are generally 5-10% is what is accepted.