If you are planning your business travel to the heart of the capital city of London and your purpose is taken care of by the financial district of the city, the most convenient stay can be ensured if you book hotels near St Paul’s London Underground. However, if you are on your first business trip to London, here are a few tips that would determine a hassle free travel.

Greeting Someone

Usually a formal and customary greeting is made by a brief and friendly handshake. Most of the time, the first acquaintances are addressed by their first names.

business Hours

Most of the offices in London operate between 09:00 and 17:30 from Monday to Friday. However, the specific business hours vary from one industry to another. The banks in London are open from 09:00 to 17:00 and from Monday to Friday. Some of the larger banks are open on Saturday mornings too. The men and women are expected to wear suits for any of the business meetings although the British generally adopt an informal still presentable dress code.

London Stock Exchange

A short way from the Threadneedle Street, the public gallery is no more open for general public. The human scrum of leaders has been replaced by the computerized dealing.

Meeting Rooms and Conference Centres

London is s home to several business centres located right in the heart of the city. You can choose from a range of hotel venues to unusual corporate venues for any of your corporate events in London on your trip.


Londoners are crazy for good food. Therefore, on your business trip to the city you will have ample options to have your meals.


St Paul’s is an area which offers stunning range of accommodation in the heart of the city and near the famous St, Paul’s Cathedral. It is already an admirable region for all those business travel visiting the city solely for corporate reasons.


You will find an increasingly negative attitude for smoking in the British. With government legislation which is on a way to ban smoking, there are a few restaurants which strictly follow “no smoking” campaign and the other offer a dedicated are to smoke. Moreover, it is always advised especially to the business visitors to smoke only with the like minded people in London.