Beijing, the capital of People’s Republic of China would be your ideal tourist destination if you are a real travel freak. It is a beautiful place with many tourist attractions. But what is essential, is a little research and a correct schedule. A little planning and some good travel tips would definitely make your trip to Beijing an unforgettable experience. While planning your trip, you must decide upon the ideal traveling time to avoid any disturbances in your tour. You can plan your trip in the autumn season as the weather is gorgeous with fewer tourists in the town. In fact, autumn is described as the season when the sky is high and the air is fresh. It is characterized by clear skies and breezy days, which are ideal for traveling around the city. You can also plan your trip around summers i.e. from June to August which sees major tourists thronging to this place. Summers are considered as the peak season for tourism related activities. It is an ideal time if you wish to see the Great Wall with air breezing past you. Another good time for a Beijing trip is around the Chinese New Year i.e. in January or February to get the best out of your trip and see the city at its best.

While visiting Beijing you must also experience the exotic Chinese cuisine in the well known food joints. Select from any of the best food joints like 1001 Nights for tasty middle eastern, Alameda for Brazilian, Bookworm which is an international cafe, Chuan for Chinese cuisine and many other food places which are world renowned for their Chinese delicacies. Enjoy the delicate and healthy sea food in China, exotically prepared by the best chefs who are experienced at preparing the most delicious sea food. Another major tip that you may need is the best of tourist attractions in Beijing. Check out the must visited places like 798 Art District, the Ancient Observatory, the Beihai Park, world famous Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum, the Beijing Aquarium, the well known Beijing Botanical Gardens, Beijing Planetarium, Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall and many other places that must be visited. The city of Beijing is well known for its market that offers the best shopping experience to all and at the best prices, too.

While visiting Beijing, you may also not worry for the money problems. Traveler cheques are the most trusted financial instruments in Beijing. Another good thing about Beijing is ample number of ATMs located around the place. You can also rely on credit cards with all the main cards being accepted like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club. You can use your credit cards in hotels, department stores and for transportation costs, too. Moreover, you can also exchange your cash as the whole process is relatively easy. Beijing is truly a world class city and you wouldn’t face any major problems there. People here are very helpful and welcome tourists from all over the world with open arms.