Although many people suffer from diabetes it does not stop many to travel around the world and behave just like another any other regular traveler, in most cases these trip end in the most normal and regular way, but in some cases things get a little complicated while the diabetic is on the road, there are a few things to know and consider when traveling. Diabetes should not stop you from traveling but careful planning is required in order to assure a safe and enjoyable trip.

You should always plan everything in advance, what is basically true to all passengers is also true for the diabetic passenger, and even more so if there is any mental pressure on the person that is traveling, make sure you have everything ready well in time, and save yourself the worries and anxiety.

Give yourself at least 2 to 3 months of planning. This will enable you to accomplish everything you need in your trip.

If your trip requires arrangement with a travel agent, inquire on the special package for diabetic. Itineraries should be different and meals should conform to the need of a diabetic.

When packing, do not place your diabetes supplies and medications in one bag. Have them separated in case your bag is stolen or lost. Insulin will lose its strength if stored in a very cold or hot place such as the globe compartment of the car. Un-pressurized environment will also give the same effect.

If you travel by plane, have your medications and diabetes supply especially your insulin in your carry-on luggage. Have them with you all the time. Insulin should not be exposed in x-ray. Security scanners on the other hand will not destroy your blood glucose meter.

Check your blood sugar level regularly.

Take note of your medication schedules especially if you are crossing time zones. If you want to rest during the flight, inform a flight attendant to wake you up for your medication.

Holiday vacation on a cruise can mean buffet meals. Control your cravings and only eat the amount prescribe on you. Physical activity such as swimming, exercising, and strolling the deck can compensate on your food intake.

If you are traveling by car, make sure that you keep a good eye on your blood sugar level before you leave and every 4 hours during the trip.

Make frequent stops to exercise your legs and improve your blood circulation. .

If you are on a backpacking trip, make sure that your diet is followed. Keep off from food that is not suitable to your condition. Make sure that you do not go beyond your limits in drinking and eating.