Holiday to Remember

2009 has been a tough year for everyone, given the global recession, but it’s time to shrug off the stress and take a break from it all, and your heart is set on Florida. Good call! You’re determined to treat the family to two weeks of non stop fun in the sun, so, how to go about arranging a holiday for all to remember?

The first port of call will always be the hotel. If your family includes children, be sure to choose a child friendly hotel. If your holiday is totally orientated on entertaining the little ones, you might consider the Orlando Nickelodeon hotel resort. Florida has a wide selection of hotels guaranteed to be a hit with the kids, as well as many tourist attractions to suit all age ranges.

If your holiday is more of a romantic break for just the two of you, or it’s your honeymoon, treat yourself to some pampering at one of the many outstanding luxury hotels found throughout Florida. The Grand Bohemian Hotel in Orlando has a great reputation, and will definitely make you and your partner’s trip to Florida a memorable one, but shop around, as there are plenty of hotels throughout Florida that will take your breath away both inside and out.

It seems no sooner do you land, does the family want to get busy having fun. There’s plenty to see and do in Florida, so it’s important to make sure you can all easily move around. You could treat your family to the ultimate movie-star style VIP experience, and combine an amazing limousine ride with a trip to Universal Studios or Disney World. A1 Luxury Limousines  provide a limousine hire service throughout Florida, and include a range that will meet your needs and budget.

For once, the car journey would not be filled with the irritatingly incessant question of ‘Are we there yet?’ Instead, the kid’s imagination will be inspired with the colorful and bright interior lit by an extravagant array of neon strips and filled with lush seating, so you can be assured of not just a pleasant, but a mind blowing journey, a fantastic memory in itself.

A1 Luxury Limousines can also provide vehicle hire throughout your entire holiday if required, ensuring your family can get to see all the many sights situated throughout Florida.

If it’s just the two of you, hiring a limousine can really make the romantic meal or date extra special, and Florida is full of restaurants guaranteed to excite your taste buds. If your holiday is between October and May try some Stone Crab! Other great locations include Emeril’s Miami Beach, which provides Cajun cuisine and Café Prima Pasta. Both are in great locations, and make ideal places to share a meal with a loved one. Arrival and departure at any restaurant in a classical stretch limousine would certainly make your dinner date one to remember.

Above all, remember to get around, to see as many places and to engage in as many experiences as possible. Really let yourselves live, and there’s no better place to do so than in Florida.

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