The locals usually refer Johannesburg as Jo’burg, which is popularly known as the city of gold. Johannesburg is the largest metropolis located in Witwatersrand, South Africa, and its population accounts to more than 3.25 million. The city, which produces one fifth of the Gross Domestic Product in the country, is also a predominant economic and commercial centre of the Republic of South Africa. Over half of the city’s population lives in Diepkloof, suburbs of Soweto and Orange Farm in its southwest region.

The Johannesburg International Airport is easily accessible from many other regions in the world. Many of the airline companies run scheduled Johannesburg flights regularly. All you have to do is visit a trustworthy travel site and book your airline ticket in advance to reach the city through most of the major airlines that even operate budget flights to Johannesburg. There are several travel agencies and tour operators that choose Johannesburg as the starting point of journeys through the country. The city is lively and offers a broad array of cultures, combining African and European elements.

Johannesburg has a lot to offer in the sphere of history and wildlife through its museums and parks/reserves respectively. There is the Lion Park, wherein visitors can observe various animals from their cars, including lions, wildebeests, gazelles, ostriches, zebras and different species of antelopes. You can find picnic areas, barbecue sites, a swimming pool and a restaurant within the premises of this park. You can further consider visiting the Market Theatre complex, which plays a pivotal role in the cultural life of Johannesburg, and is accommodated in a converted market building. It has four live theatre venues in which some of most excellent productions in the country are beautifully presented. The ‘Sarafina’ musical that later on became very successful was first performed here. In the evenings, Kippie’s, a famous rendezvous along with music from renowned jazz groups is presented here as well. This complex also includes restaurants, photographic and art gallery and a bookshop. Every Saturday a huge flea market is put up in the large parking area opposite to the Market Theatre complex.

Gear yourself up to visit the most fascinating city in Africa that has a wide range of activities in store for all its tourists and visitors. Land in the Johannesburg International Airport easily through cheap flights and explore the city through its tourism segment by choosing the ideal Johannesburg travel package. Have up close encounters with wild animals, go on a safari, and wander through the city’s beautiful botanical gardens and well-known museums. Enjoy and have a great time at the city’s boisterous night spots that attract large number of people.