Gitgit Waterfall is located in Gitgit Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency, and can be reached by driving for about 30 minutes from Singaraja city towards Bedugul. This waterfall has a height of ± 35 meters and is the highest waterfall on the island of Bali. To reach the location of the parking lot, visitors have to walk through the rice fields, clove gardens and coffee, with cool natural nuances that are typical in the mountains. The location of this waterfall is easy because it is near the edge of the Denpasar-Bedugul-Singaraja highway. If from Denpasar, drive the vehicle towards Bedugul or Singaraja. After passing Bedugul, the journey continues towards Gitgit or Singaraja. Arriving at Gitgit Village you will see a signpost direction board to the location of the waterfall on the left side of the road.

If you come from the Denpasar area, you can enjoy interesting views along the way. After Bedugul with the charming Beratan lake, we will pass an uphill road with hundreds of monkeys on the roadside. These monkeys are exactly in the highest part of Bedugul, and are guaranteed not to disturb us, can stop for a moment, while looking at the natural landscape from a height, then the road starts down and winding towards the main destination to Gitgit waterfall. This place is perfect for trekking lovers, with terrain of winding and up and down roads accompanied by natural forest views.

Arriving at Gitgit, you still have to walk approximately 500 meters to get to the location of the waterfall. The way to go is downhill, making sure your footwear is not slippery so it doesn’t slip easily. By going down using both legs after you pass the Gitgit parking lot, there are several local youths who are organized by the local customary village that offers services to take tourists to the location of the Gitgit waterfall.