For those who are looking for travel system for their babies, Chicco Cortina travel system is the right thing to try. Chicco, the largest baby item manufacturers of Europe has introduced a wide range of travel systems with different features. They come in different shapes and colors. As the car seat and stroller of the Chicco Cortina travel system are integrated well, they are very easy and convenient to use. These handy travel systems help to move your toddler easily from place to place. Of all the available travel systems, Chicco Cortina Travel System has been able to make its stand because the first and foremost thing that it focuses on is your baby’s safety. Chicco knows that, the first thing that comes in every parents’ mind is keeping the loved one safe, be it their first child or fifth child. Different consumer reports and reviews have ranked the Chicco Cortina Travel system as one of the top most safety provider. The car seats of all the Chicco Cortina Travel System has a 5-point harness that helps the baby to stay secured in the car. Chicco has done extensive researches to ensure safety to your toddler that is of the same level as race car drivers. You can rest assured about your baby’s safety once you tuck him or her to the stroller or car seat.

All the Chicco Cortina Travel system comes with ‘Memory Recline’ in their seats that helps it to remember the way the position it has been placed before even after the travel system has been fold up. It allows the seat to pop up into the previous comfortable position for your baby without you having to rummage the seat. The travel systems of Chicco are available in affordable prices and as they are really durable, you do not need to think about having to frequently buy the travel system. The leg rest of the Chicco Cortina Travel System can be adjusted for maximum comfort and as all the wheels of the strollers have special suspensions in them, the ride for your baby is bump free and smooth. The Chicco Cortina Travel System has a laminated canopy that can be adjusted according to the need to protect the baby’s eyes from the sun’s rays.

Most of the products either prioritize looks or comfort and in most cases if you have one, you have to compromise the other but Chicco has been able to prove this theory wrong. They offer designer travel systems and you can choose your one from the varied range of colorful travel systems. They also come in different sizes for different sized babies so you do not have to worry about whether your baby would fit in comfortable in the travel system. Chico has a ‘Happiness Laboratory’ that observe the things that babies like and they implement those in their travel systems. For this reason, you can be sure that your baby would be comfortable in the travel system. The car seat of the Chicco Cortina Travel Systems are plush cushioned that gives the toddlers a comfortable place to ride with you. Also, as the car seats of Chicco’s travel system are narrower than that of other travel systems, there is no chance of your baby sliding around as your baby would snugly fit inside the seat. It is also easy to put the travel system together as it comes with illustrated instructions. All in all, the Chicco Cortina Travel system is the best travel mate for your baby.