Safety and security are always a concern when you travel. Everyday, travelers venture into large metropolitan cities both domestic and international. No matter where travelers go, they will end up in locations where street crime exists. It is even more prevalent in countries where unemployment, poverty, and overpopulation exist. In some countries, a traveler’s watch can equal a few months salary. Often criminals specifically target travelers if they are women, or because if they carry an expensive equipment, and will often not return to prosecute if the criminal is caught.

A person who travels alone, most likely turns to be a victim of the petty crime. Person travelling alone faces more risks when compared to a person travelling with someone or groups. All over the world, we could see travelers facing crimes. We cannot just say that, travelers are targeted only for their jewels or a lump sum of money. Petty crimes take place even for a penny. The most stolen items are cash, jewels, credit cards, mobile phones, cameras, passports and even sometimes your wardrobes. Criminals are wiser than us. At times, a petty crime may end up in losing lives too. So, it is advisable to travel in groups rather than traveling alone. Though losing our money or other belongings may be a great loss losing a passport is worse. While travelling to countries abroad, passport plays a major role to depict our identity.  So, passports have to be kept very safe from getting into the hands of the criminals.

One of the best ways to prevent crime is to visit your own government’s international travel safety information and warnings website. You’ll find up-to-date travel information, details on potential safety issues ranging from pickpocketing to terrorism, even weather warnings. Gather knowledge about latest travel warnings and be alert of your surroundings during your trip. If you are concerned about the safety situation, avoid border cities and unpopulated areas.

When traveling with children, teach them to tell your name, house address and contact numbers, which will be very useful if they get lost or get into the hands of the strangers. But advise them not to pass on this information to casual enquirers or over phone. Don’t leave them alone in crowded places. For toddlers who are yet to communicate clearly, tie an identity tag or card.

In many big cities, you may be approached by strangers asking you your place, your details and so on.  Unfortunately, when you travel alone you have to be wary of people and trusting someone you have just met is a risky business.  You have to remember that <personal safety is a must.

Finally, the important thing is that, travelers should be bold enough to report to the cops, when they are affected by criminals. In many popular destinations, you could find tourist police who can help you. Don’t get panic in disastrous situations. Traveling not only involves handling risky situations, but also contains lot of delightful experiences.