The travel industry today is a 4 trillion dollar industry, which is by no means a small figure. This huge industry works only because there are many travel agents out there who are recommending services of certain travel companies over others. There is great competition among the travel companies to woo the journey agents so that they may advise their names to their clients. As a result, the travel agents end up getting much better nibbles from the share.

But now, these are no longer travel secrets. Almost everyone knows that travel agents get privileges like no common man can imagine on their travels. Travel companies are keen to make the travel agents get familiarized with their packages and for this reason, they may also send their travel agents on dissimilar holiday packages, just to get the feel of things. Travel agents are often on holiday several times a year, and this is business for them. But what’s most important is that, they are going on these vacations at a very discounted cost, or even free.

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Here’s one of the last tour secrets, you can become a travel agent sitting at home, and get stupendous cuts on travel packages. And you need not actually enter into business. Just having the travel agents card is enough for you to avail of the benefits. That means, even if you do not want to become a travel agent to conduct business, you should become one just to get the mega benefits available to them.