You’ve been stuck inside for months, and now you’re ready to break free. But times have changed since the pandemic began—which means that so have the rules of traveling.

And although we can’t predict what will happen next when it comes to Covid-19, we can help you make sense of the changes that have already taken place when it comes to cruising.

We’ll start with the basics: What safety precautions do you need to take before hitting the high seas? We’ll also provide tips on scoring great deals, near-destinations for your first post-quarantine flight or cruise, and plenty of other advice in this guide to navigating travel after Covid-19. So grab your captain’s hat and get ready to explore a new world of travel.

Updated Health Safety Rules & Regulations

As the world slowly starts to open back up, it’s important to know what the state of travel is. While some countries are taking a cautious approach, others are starting to lift restrictions on traveling.

The primary requirement for travelers is to adhere to updated health and safety guidelines. These range from checking in with your destination country’s consulate or embassy before arriving, as well as providing proof that you’ve tested negative for COVID-19 before boarding a plane or boat.

Most cruise lines have also implemented new protocols to make passengers feel more secure while sailing. Passengers will be required to wear masks at all times except while eating, and must maintain a safe distance onboard. In addition, many have implemented enhanced sanitation and cleaning procedures between ports of call.

Up-to-date travel information is essential when planning any post-pandemic journey, so it’s always best check with your destination’s government website for more details on what their requirements are for you as a traveler.

Aircraft Industry Changes

One of the biggest changes that travelers have seen in the post-COVID world is an overhaul of aircraft operations. Airlines are taking extra precautions when it comes to passenger health and safety while also only flying with essential personnel on board.

This means that passenger numbers are limited and every effort is being taken to ensure that aircrafts are regularly cleaned and disinfected. To this end, most airlines have installed air purification systems on their planes to reduce the presence of airborne contaminants and enhance circulation of fresh air.

Another issue passengers face is contactless payments. Most airline services now accept debit or credit card payments for tickets, food, drinks, and even amenities. This means far fewer cash transactions, thereby reducing the risk of transmissions.

Finally, a review process has been put in place for travelers to fill out before and after their flight for contact tracing purposes. This allows authorities to quickly detect any possible cases of COVID-19 on board an aircraft, allowing them to act quickly if necessary.

How to Prepare for Your Trip

As you start planning your trip, it’s important to be aware of the safety protocols that will be in place, so you can make sure you’re well prepared.

Vaccine requirements

Before booking, it’s a good idea to check whether a vaccine is required for entry into your destination. Some countries have made vaccinations mandatory for entry – so it’s essential to know if that applies to where you’re headed. It’s also worth doing your research on any additional documents you might have to present upon arrival, like test results or medical forms.

Quarantine policies

The rules and regulations about quarantine requirements vary from country to country too. In some cases, travelers may be expected to stay in a designated quarantine facility for a certain period of time upon arrival – and it might be mandatory or voluntary. It’s important to check the current travel guidelines before you book anything, as they are constantly evolving.

Travel insurance

Nothing can replace travel insurance! You should always invest in travel insurance when going abroad – even if the trip is just for a few days. Make sure that the policy covers Covid-related costs such as medical expenses and cancelations. Also check that your specific destinations are covered by the policy – some countries may be excluded and require extra coverage depending on their current epidemic status.

Strategies for Social Distancing While Traveling

When it comes to traveling post-Covid, different strategies for social distancing can help reduce the chances of getting sick. From the moment you set out to the moment you get back home, there are several steps you can take to protect yourself and your fellow travelers. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Choose Your Destinations Wisely

Be mindful of where you are going and make sure your destination is following safety protocols when it comes to social distancing measures. Research what type of precautions they have put in place and whether they have recommended any changes to their typical operations. Additionally, consider the general health of the local population; if cases are rising, it may be best to reconsider your choice or delay your trip until a later time.

Plan Your Trip Before You Go

When planning a trip, think ahead and book tickets or other reservations as soon as possible or even before you leave home so that social distancing can be easily maintained by avoiding large crowds at stations or points-of-interest. Also consider booking an exclusive tour package that will provide one-on-one guidance from start to finish without having to worry about other people encroaching on your personal space.

Wear a Facemask Whenever Possible

One of the most important things you can do is wear a facemask whenever possible in public spaces such as airports, shops, restaurants, tourist attractions, and other public places. Make sure you carry extra facemasks with you if needed since some places require that masks be worn at all times while within their premises.

Where a Post-Covid Vacation Might Take You

When it comes to where to go on your post-covid vacation, you have several options available to you. While travel overseas may be off the table for most people right now, there are plenty of domestic destinations that offer an incredible vacation experience.

The Great Outdoors

If you’re looking for some fresh air and outdoor activities, the great outdoors might just be the place for your post-covid vacation. With stunning national parks, hiking trails and endless opportunities for adventure, this is a great option for those looking to get away from it all.

Beach Getaways

Beach getaways are always popular and with good reason—soaking up the sun by the beach is a great way to relax and unwind after a stressful year. Whether you want to go lounging in the sand or take part in some water activities, there’s something for everyone at these beachside destinations.

Road Trips

Road trips can be a great way to explore different parts of your country on a budget—all while having fun with friends or family. With plenty of scenic routes and exciting attractions along the way, these are sure to be some of the best memories you make during your post-covid vacation.

No matter where you decide to go on your next vacation after covid ends, it will surely be an unforgettable experience!

Benefits of Travel During Covid Times

It’s no surprise that cruising looks a little different post Covid. But, with the right safety protocols in place, there are still plenty of benefits to traveling during Covid times.

Safety protocols

Because of the safety protocols in place, there is reduced risk of contracting or spreading infection onboard cruise ships. Airlines, hotels and cruise companies now have strict rules and regulations regarding cleanliness, masks and social distancing. It’s important to be vigilant and follow all guidelines set by your destination when traveling during Covid times.

Fewer crowds

As well as reducing the risk of infection onboard cruise ships, fewer people also mean less noise and more room for passengers to spread out and enjoy the sights with less stress about finding space on shore days. You may even find that you get preferential treatment due to reduced numbers onboard!

Enhanced experiences

Cruises have been around for decades and are constantly evolving to meet new standards while continuing to provide a unique experience. Cruise companies are taking advantage of the opportunity provided by Covid-19 to focus on enhancing the customer experience using new technology such as AI-driven customer service systems or apps that allow you track your health data while onboard ship. This means cruising post-Covid has become an even more immersive experience than was possible before!


The world of cruising has changed in the wake of the pandemic, with new protocols and regulations in place to ensure the health and safety of passengers and crew. Cruising after Covid is not the same as before—there are new protocols to follow, plenty of paperwork, and a growing list of destinations that are open for visitors.

But despite all the challenges, many of the elements that make cruising such a popular vacation choice remain: the feeling of being pampered and taken care of, the great food and entertainment, and of course the opportunity to explore a variety of destinations in one trip. With the right planning, cruise passengers can make their post-Covid trips as safe, enjoyable, and memorable as possible.