There’s a common misconception that it is expensive, bothersome and time consuming to give away free promotional items. The truth is that it is very affordable to include branded items such as discount travel mugs in your marketing strategy. And they are easily distributed. Many can be given away from the clerk’s counter at your place of business. Or you can hand them out at festivals, fairs and bazaars.

If you are still concerned about the cost involved with handing out promo items, take a look at the following ways you can save money when purchasing almost any promotional product:

  • Buy Discount – Many promotional items can be bought at discounted or clearance sale prices. You might not get the newest or flashiest items, and the supply might be limited to the number that is still available from last season’s stock. You might even have limited color selection when it comes to promotional items such as pens, balloons and discount travel mugs, but you will get more for your money which means that your advertising dollars will stretch farther.
  • Buy in Bulk – A lot can be said for buying in bulk. Most companies will give you a lower price per unit depending on how many you buy. For example: If you purchase 100 promo items your price will be X amount. If you purchase 200, it will be lower; purchase 300 it will be even lower. Bottom line: You should be purchasing items in bulk whenever possible. Even if you can’t give away all of the items at once, they can be stored and given away at a later time.
  • Buy Unpopular Colors – Discount travel mugs come in many different colors with many different color options for the imprinted logo as well. Popular colors usually sell out more quickly and have a higher price. If you choose colors that are easy to stock, you might be able to save some money.
  • Ask for a Deal – You might be able to get a good deal if you ask for one. Many makers of promotional items will also offer a discount for repeat orders. Even if you can’t promise future orders, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a “good guy’s” discount or see if there are any specials currently being offered.

If you wish to give away promotional products, do so. Make it a goal, set aside some funds, and find a way to purchase items within your budget. Once you start looking into the matter, you may be surprised by how much you can afford after all. And be sure to check out the discount travel mugs. Coffee mugs are highly effective and serve as miniature, traveling billboards.