Are you travel to Vietnam for entertainment or learning needs? Do you need things to do while you are at that place? How much will these extra things cost? Would you like to learn a bit more about Vietnam travel? Vietnam is a country bordered by Laos and Cambodia to the West and China to the South. Vietnam has become one of Asia’s top destinations for travel. Why is vietnam travel so popular now? Vietnam is surrounded by radiant fields, coastline, quiet villages, bright cities, amazing mountains and hundreds of historic attractions. Which is why it’s quickly become Asia’s top travel destination?

The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi, which is the cultural and political centre of Asia. Hanoi, which is named the city of lakes, got it’s nickname because it is home to 100 lakes. There is definitely enough water, around, for you water fans. All the lakes make Hanoi a very peaceful and calming place. There is plenty of room, for those of you that like to think, there is plenty of room for it. Another alluring feature of Hanoi is the temples and pagodas. There are close to 600 of them in the beautiful capitol alone. One of the most popular attractions, for tourists and locals alike, the Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, which is a large monument to Vietnam’s leader. Ho read the Declaration of Independency on September 2, 1945 here which established the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Another of Hanoi’s popular attractions is a one-pillared pagoda built in 1049, now the Temple of Literature and the first university in Vietnam. If you’d like to get into the French culture of Vietnam you should visit the city of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). You should also visit Hue as it is cultural, intelligence and spiritual centre of Vietnam. Hue hosts the Festival of Hue, which is a a biennial arts festival. Hue is home to many magnificent tombs, temples and palaces. If you are more into scenic areas visit HaLong Bay. All of the events happening make Vietnam travel easier. Remember you do require a Vietnam travel visa to get into the country. You should acquire this before you finalise your trip details and purchase anything. you can get into Vietnam by air, land or water. You will have to cross the border with China, Cambodia or Laos when you travel by water or land.