Studies have shown that more than 90 percent of golfers do not buy golf insurance before going on a golf vacation. 7 percent golfers from the rest too don””t have adequate insurance cover. The reason being, golf is considered as one of the safest games where chances of meeting any unexpected mishap are very less. But the latest findings suggest that there have been many court cases in the past where golfers were liable for stray shots and therefore, were held responsible for injury or damage caused to another person or golfer.

There is no doubt that golf is comparatively a safer sport than those of scuba diving, skiing, water sports, rugby, etc but still it is associated with a number of risks. Many golf insurance products come very expensive. If they are damaged, lost or stolen, most golfers can””t afford to buy them again. To buy another set of golf equipments, you””ll have to spend a lot of money and this may lead to financial imbalance. As mentioned above, if because of your stray shots, any other individual gets hurt, you are responsible for that. You””ll have to compensate him or her for the loss or damage and hospital expenses. In order to protect yourself from all such situations, you need to have golf travel insurance.

Not only this, it also protects you from financial losses arising from delayed, cancelled or missed departure, delayed, postponed, curtailed or cancelled golf trip, loss/damage/theft of baggage, money, jewelry, watch, camera, cell phone, laptop, passport and important papers and precious belongings, hospital expenses in case of any fracture, personal injury, sickness, fever or personal accident, ambulance expenses, surgical treatment, emergency evacuation and repatriation. If some natural calamity such as fire, heavy rains, flood or tsunami compels you to cut short of your trip, you will be compensated by the insurance company for the loss you have suffered. Since you have made a significant investment in organising your golf trip, you simply can””t afford to spoil your vacation. UK golf insurance protects you against all such situations allowing you enjoy a stress-free holiday. Just choose an appropriate cover and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.