Europe is the perfect destination in the world to go for vacation with friends, families and loved ones. Travel to Europe is one of the best options to explore when planned. Before traveling to Europe you should know which are the regions or continents known for tourist attractions and where to go first. There are several countries in Europe to explore which are also famous for most visited by many tourists every year. Austria, Switzerland, Rome, Paris, Germany and lot more other regions are famous in Europe. This country lies on the seventh continental and preserves various elements. When you visit to Germany which lies to the central north part of Europe you can see various beautiful and historical sites including enchanted castles which were built several centuries ago. If you are nature lover then a visit to Germany is must to watch natural beauties.

When you travel to Europe, Switzerland is one of the best destinations which are also known as paradise. As soon as you visit this region you can see awful and amazing sceneries with beautiful stunning mountains, waterfalls, lakes and lot more. The best season to explore Switzerland is in winter because the most famous Alps Mountain, grass, trees, houses, rivers are covered with the blanket of snow. When you trek on the mountaineer region you can see the mesmerizing view of glaciers and other peaks where adventure lovers participate in various activities. There are many ski resorts available in this place where you can do snowmobiling, skating, snow boarding and lot more. Countries in Europe are many to explore in your vacation, Austria is also named as ‘The City of Music’. You may come to know why this country is named as music city after visiting this place.

Many music composers lived here and composed their tune by exploring on the melody streets and feel the air which made classical music. Other most romantic destination to be visited when travel to Europe is Paris, it is one the best place which preserves one of the wonders of the world known as Eiffel Tower. It is truly a breathtaking site to watch this amazing structure situated in Paris. Accommodation of tourists increases to visit this romantic place every year, majority of couples and honeymooners stay to spend quality time. Europe is one of the biggest country which is jeweled many wonders of the world like London. The most visited site by the tourist in London is to the London Bridge and to Buckingham Palace which is a wonderful site. The list off countries in Europe will never end and also the spots located in this country, so a visit to this country is must you have a wonderful vacation.

Greek Islands is the nudist beach which is best place to hang out with your friends and loved ones. In this islands you are free to do anything you want, there are no restrictions by government. Officially this island has been permitted for the visitors and even local people to take a nude bath in the beach which is not permitted in any other beaches in Greek. Majority of the tourist come to visit Greek Islands are teenager’s boys and girls who come here for hangout and in search of partner for date. It is the best place to relax in the sunny day with your friends in nude position feeling the warm sand. In this island you can see many spectacular views apart from the nude men and women including beautiful scenery, golden sand, crystal clear blue water, palm trees lined on the border of Greek Islands and many more tourist attractions.