The secret behind finding cheap flights to Rome is to be more flexible with your travel plans. The summer months are peak season, therefore if possible book any time after that, to take advantage of cheap flights Rome. November to February may be colder, but there will be a lot less people travelling to this exotic city during those times. Rome, the capital city of Italy, is located in the southern part of the country. This means that it gets quite hot during summer time, and not as cold during winter time, compared to other parts of the country. Rome has 2 international airports, Leonardo da Vinci International Airport and Fiumicino International Airport. Most cheap flights to Rome arrive at Leonardo da Vinci Airport.

Once you arrive at Rome, there are plenty of things to do. The 2 most common ways to commute in and around the city is by taxi or bus. When using the bus, just have the route name and number ready. This ancient city is teeming with ancient monuments, ruins, art and architecture. The most famous monument in Rome is perhaps the Colosseum. Built nearly 2000 years ago, this is perhaps the world’s first sports stadium, where the infamous gladiatorial battles took place. In fact this building has become so well known it has come to represent the city itself, as the Great Wall has come to represent China.

The next stop that should be considered is the Pantheon, or the temple dedicated to all the gods. However, in the 7th century A.D, this structure was taken over by early Christians and got renamed the Chiesa di Santa Maria. Even though it is very old, much of the original architecture and decorations remain intact. This structure is nearly as old as the Colosseum and attracts just as many people. According to legend, the famous artists Michael Angelo studied the dome of this building, before working on St.Peters Basilica.

Another top place to visit while on a Roman holiday is the Roman Forum. This is an ancient and large complex of ruined buildings, temples and basilicas. In ancient times this area served as the social, legal, ceremonial and business centre. Next, want to see what was probably the first shopping mall? Then a visit to the Trajan’s Market is a must. It housed nearly 150 shops, and it is open to the public, except on Mondays. All of these sights and sounds and more, are available for you, if you book on time with cheap flights Rome.