When booking cheap flights to Cairo, it is important to know something about the city you are going to visit. The culture in Cairo may be very different from that of your country so it is important to know the local culture and proper etiquette in the city to avoid offending anybody.

As soon as your cheap flights to Cairo touches down, you will be greeted by the locals. It is essential that you know how to respond to their greetings preferably in their own language. When greeting a person in Cairo the locals usually say “Es Salamu Aleykom” which is Arabic for “peace be with you.” This is how you say hello when you are in Cairo. It gives the impression of friendliness and at the same time, respect. When you plan to get cheap flights to Cairo, it is important to be polite at all times and this phrase is the perfect greeting to convey just that. Rather than approaching someone and asking questions directly, you use this greeting first and you can be sure that you will be politely received as well.

As soon as you get on your cheap flights to Cairo, you will be greeted by a smile. This is because smiling is of great importance to the local culture of Cairo. Egyptians in Cairo are normally very smiling people. It is not uncommon to see them smiling while conversing with a person that they have just met for the first time. If a local from Cairo smiles at you then it is important that you smile back. The locals consider it rude and arrogant if you do not return their smile. It is important no to overdo the smiling so that you do not give out the wrong impression. A nice friendly smile should be enough to give out a friendly impression. You do not want to make the impression that you want to flirt especially if the person smiling at you is from the opposite sex. This is very important information when going on cheap flights to Cairo so that you have a pleasant and safe vacation.

It is also important to know the proper dress code when going on cheap flights to Cairo. Men and women must wear modest clothes while in Cairo. The Muslim locals in the city find it disrespectful to see tourists in revealing clothes. Clothes that reveal thighs, cleavage, bare backs and shoulders are only acceptable in beaches and hotels.