What is the first thought coming in your mind when you think of India?
Probably most people would answer with clichés like poverty, noise and
chaos. Although that side of India does decidedly exist – it’s only one facet
of a country with a cultural richness promising marvelous travel
The opportunity of doing unique luxury tours through India will
broaden one’s horizon regarding the world’s second largest population- be it discovering the heritage sites of Old Delhi and visiting private ateliers of New Delhi-based fashion designers while staying in luxurious hotels such as Oberoi, Aman and The Imperial, or visiting  Tibetan Monasteries in the Indian Himalayas (belying once
again the rich cultural diversity of India) traveling along the untouched foothills of the Himalayas, continuing with a hiking tour through hidden valleys full of mystical promises – discerning travelers don’t have to relinquish any luxury.
luxury tours in India do not consist only of  ordinary traveling combined with luxury hotels. It’s the added value that you get on every aspect of your journey.  You could sample luxury train travel through India that takes you through Rajasthan with its royal cities famous for its forts and palaces with majestic atmosphere all around. Of course with your own private butler who’d lay your bed and make sure that your personal toiletries are in stock.
Even in the so called desert cities of Rajasthan – Jaisalmer and Bikaner which impresses with their superb architecture – people are able to travel in the lap of luxury due to the developed state of infrastructure for luxury travel in India. Man could immerse in – not only see the heritage, history and culture of India by staying in a heritage hotel like the Koder house, that had been a host to Presidents, Prime Ministers or Viceroys in Fort Cochin, to discover a melting pot of Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese and English influences and be indulged by Keralan cuisine.
Even for naturalist, the jungle will provide high-class overnight stays in luxury safari lodges at the best place on earth for spotting the Bengal Tigers from a vehicle and from
elephant back that brings the experience of luxury safari in India’s breathtaking Bandhavgarh National Park.
By traveling on a luxury tour through India the typical clichés about India will not disappear but people will keep a more positive image in their mind about the former
Crown Jewel of the British Empire.