The greater the adventure, the greater the need for dependable travel insurance. If you are back-packing, the likelihood of you being in situations where you may need travel insurance is increased above the regular traveller.

Of course the beauty of back-packing is how cheap it is compared with a regular holiday. Buying expensive travel insurance, which offer cover inappropriate to your needs, goes against the grain of the experience. You should, therefore, look for backpacker insurance policies, which generally offer more tailored cover at more affordable prices.

Go Travel Insurance and 1Stop Travel Insurance are two reputable insurers offering cheap backpacker insurance policies with good levels of cover.

Both policies are also highly flexible. If you’re going to be away for the whole year, you are probably going to need to earn some spending money while you’re away. Both the policies will provide you with cover to do typical casual jobs, including bar work and fruit picking.

Unlike most other insurers, Go and 1Stop also allow you to return home during your trip if necessary. Although there are restrictions as to how many times you come back and for how long, this novel element of these policies may provide you with reassurance if you are heading off for a long trip for the first time.

You can book your policies with these companies online. Alternatively, both provide a telesales support team for arranging cover for more complex programs or to discuss pre-existing illnesses before booking.

It is important to look at a range of quotes before you buy your travel insurance. Both Go and 1 Stop offer a free quotation service.

Purchasing your cover is just as simple and can be done online. Simply make sure that you read all the terms and conditions of your insurance policy before buying so that you are sure it offers an adequate level of cover.

Both companies also offer annual travel insurance policies. If you are planning on going on a number of trips this year, each of less than 45 days, then this may be a more suitable option for you.