Lampung has a number of cool tourist destinations, one of which is the beauty of waterfalls. From north to east, the existence of waterfalls is almost evenly distributed throughout the Lampung region.

You might find you get so fascinated with that waterfall and enjoying the coolness of the trees is perfect for relaxing the mind.

List of Waterfalls in Lampung

1. Way Lalaan Waterfall
Located at the foot of Mount Tanggamus, Pekon Kampungbaru Village, East Kotaagung District, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung. Way Lalaan waterfall has a height of about 11 meters. The travel time from the city of Bandar Lampung to this waterfall is about 80 km or 1.5 hours of travel. Can use two-wheeled vehicles or four wheels.

Way Lalaan waterfall has a height of approximately 11 meters. Visitors can swim under this waterfall or just take pictures and enjoy the coolness. Guaranteed fun and spoil the eye.

Apart from swimming, visitors can also play in the durian plantation area. There will be officers who help pick durians and visitors can eat them freely.

2. Ciupang Waterfall
If you visit Purwajaya Hamlet, Padang Cermin District, Pesawaran Regency, Lampung Province, don’t forget to stop by the Ciupang waterfall.

The waterfall, which is in the middle of the settlement, is recommended to use a two-wheeled vehicle. To get to the location, you must climb the stairs from a pile of rocks which are rather steep and slippery.

The flow of the Ciupang waterfall is not too heavy because it passes through the rocks first. Located among the trees makes the atmosphere around this waterfall beautiful and cool. Visitors can also swim in a pool that is not that deep.

3. Waterfall Curup Gangsa

Way Kanan Regency has a hidden waterfall named Curup Gangsa. Bak Niagara America, Curup Gangsa waterfall displays beauty when the water discharge is high. The stream originates from the Punggur Hill.

Curup Gangsa has a height of about 50 meters with a width of 20 meters. To get there, you must take about 1 hour drive from Way Kanan Regency.

4. Putri Malu Waterfall

It is a cool waterfall in Lampung which offers a contrasting panorama of the water flow with sturdy cliffs. Putri Malu Waterfall is in the Forest Register 24 area, Juku Batu Village, Banjit District, Way Kanan Regency.

The flow of the waterfall that immediately falls to the bottom of the pond is an attraction. To reach it, you must climb first. However, fatigue will disappear when you see the beauty of the Putri Malu waterfall.

5. Batu Putu Waterfall

It is not difficult to find the Batu Putu waterfall because it is in the hills in the middle of the city. This waterfall is in Batu Putu Village, Teluk Betung Barat District, Bandar Lampung City.

Batu Putu Waterfall has a stunning natural charm. The atmosphere of the mountains adds to the coolness and beauty of this waterfall. However, you must go down a path that is quite difficult to pass. Don’t worry, after arriving, you will be tired, friends, it will pay off to see the swift streams of water flowing from the mountains.