Friends want to find aesthetic tourism in Kuningan Regency? Kuningan Regency itself is known as an area that has a variety of tourism. The area is also filled with rice fields and a cool atmosphere.

Surely you can get the potential for aesthetic posts in Kuningan Regency. So, for those of you who are very curious about the tourist list in Kuningan Regency

1. Nilem Lake

The first place you can visit is Telaga Nilem. This one tourist destination is often visited by local tourists and tourists outside Kuningan. The freshness of the water and the cool atmosphere of the trees around Telaga Nilem can relieve your fatigue after driving.

Not only that, you can capture the beautiful scenery from Telaga Nilem in posts on social media. Apart from that, friends, don’t forget the various culinary delights around Telaga Nilem. It can also be the latest post on Friends social media

2. Mount Ciremai National Park

Do you want to see a variety of flora and fauna in Kuningan Regency? Friends, you can visit Mount Ciremai National Park. Reporting from, this one tourist destination is indeed often used as a destination for nature-loving tourists.

The natural beauty of Mount Ciremai National Park is still maintained. Surely you can prepare a camera to capture this natural beauty. In addition, for those of you who want to go camping, Mount Ciremai National Park can be your basecamp option.

3. Mussel Lake

Kuningan Regency does not stop presenting Telaga tourism for tourists, yes. This time, the third tour in Kuningan is Telaga Remis. This tourist spot is located in the middle of a forest.

Its location in the middle of the forest certainly has beautiful views that amaze your friends’ eyes. The reason is, the water of Telaga Remis is still clear and filled with green trees. Friends can also feel the cool atmosphere at Telaga Remis.

For friends who are hungry while traveling to Telaga Remis, you don’t need to worry. Reporting from, friends can enjoy food with the presentation of saung as well as the beauty of the forest around Remis Lake. Surely you can capture this aesthetic tour

4. Putri Palutungan waterfall

In Kuningan Regency, you can find a waterfall, to be precise, on the climbing route of Mount Ciremai. The waterfall is named Curug Putri Palutungan. This waterfall is usually used as a place for climbers to relieve fatigue.

Plus, the view from this waterfall soothes the mood. Beautiful rocks and cold waterfalls will definitely make your friend’s day refreshing at Putri Palutungan Waterfall.

5. Kuningan Botanical Gardens

Not only Bogor, Kuningan Regency also has a Botanical Garden. This tour has a fairly complete collection of flora. Plus, beautiful scenery and a variety of games that can be tried for children. With a green view, friends can invite family, spouse or relatives to take selfies together.

6. Cipari Archaeological Park

Cipari Archaeological Park info picture
Do you want to visit historical tourism? The answer, friends, can visit the Cipari Archaeological Park in Kuningan. This park actually does not present a variety of flowers and trees like parks in general.

This park presents historical sites that were abandoned in ancient times. Many rocks are neatly arranged in a circular, stepped, and lined shape. Of course, you don’t only enjoy the aesthetic view, you can also increase your knowledge from this one garden.

7. Cicerem Blue Lake

Apart from the Remis Lake, Kuningan Regency also has another lake called the Cicerem Blue Lake. No less aesthetically pleasing than Remis Lake, Cicerem Blue Lake presents a different feel. This lake presents water that is blue in color and is inhabited by a variety of fish.

Plus, there are swings which are often the best photo spots for tourists. Definitely very interesting to visit