Indonesia Vacation Destination – Timang Beach – Yogyakarta

Timang Beach is a new tourist attraction in the Gunung Kidul area. Precisely in Padukuhan Danggolo, Purwodadi Village, Tepus District, Gunung Kidul Regency, DI Yogyakarta. Popular in recent years, the condition of the road to the beach, which is steep and difficult to access at first, is getting better, although not yet optimal.

What makes this beach viral?

1. There is Panjang Island or Timang Island which is the habitat for lobsters

The advantage of Timang Beach is that it is not a beach for swimming. Although there is another side of Timang beach which can be an area to enjoy white sand and sunsets.

This beach is famous for Pulau Panjang or Pulau Timang which is a rock that forms a small island. What are the specials?

This Long Island turns out to be a home for lobsters so that the population of this one crustacean is so abundant. Many local residents and the community work as lobster seekers and have often hunted in this area since 1997.

2. Famous since being used to shoot Korean TV shows

Timang Beach rose to fame after this beach became the location for Korean TV shows. The event boosted the name of this beach and went viral in cyberspace.

This destination, which was originally a hidden gem for beach tourism in Yogyakarta, has become a boom and has been visited by many tourists, including from Europe, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. Tourist visits change the lives of residents so that this location is increasingly known.


3. You can try the cable car ride over the Indian Ocean, mind you those ferocious waves

The attraction of this beach is a tour across to Long Island which is rich in lobsters by cable car. Not a few domestic and foreign tourists come to this place to challenge themselves to ride a gondola to directly cross the South Sea. This sea is unbroken to the Indian Ocean so that the waves that hit the beach are so strong and sometimes deadly.

At first glance, this gondola, which is operated manually by residents, may seem alarming to some people. But don’t worry. This cable car made of iron, wood and rope is quite safe.

The gondola ride across the rock, aka Panjang Island, takes a short time because the rope is only 200 meters long. However, feeling yourself floating above the sea just by holding on to a rope that looks frail certainly leaves a feeling of thump, thump, heart beating fast.

Not infrequently the ferocious waves hit the train in the middle of the journey and wet the clothes. Of course, this tour may not be suitable for anyone who has a phobia of heights, the elderly, children, or mobility impairments.

4. There are beautiful steep rocky hills

Visitors can skip the gondola tour and opt for the practical option of crossing to Panjang Island by bridge. After arriving on this island, tourists can sit around enjoying the spectacular views. Namely the steep hills adjacent to the sea. It’s best to come in the afternoon so you can watch the sunset while relaxing.

5. Natural white sand beach
For those who are looking for beach tourism like generally quiet beaches, Timang Beach also offers the beauty of white sand that stretches straight into the open sea. If the location of Panjang Island and rocky coral hills are on the west side, then the beach on the east side has a beauty that is nuanced calm and peaceful.

Timang Beach on the east side has natural white sand and is clean. It is perfect for taking a walk along the edge of the beach while enjoying the natural atmosphere and the romantic deep blue tosca graded sea.

6. Paradise for lobster and seafood lovers

A visit to Timang Beach will not be complete if you miss serving fresh lobster at Pak Sis’s Lobster Shop. Large lobsters that are freshly cooked to order never disappoint.

In fact, not a few foreign tourists from Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia have praised the freshness and culinary delicacy of the lobster. Diners are free to choose the lobster menu whether it is smeared with timang sauce, crispy fried, or cooked in butter.

The taste of lobster? Don’t ask. Its natural sweetness is felt due to its freshness. Visitors can even choose and weigh the desired lobster directly.

7. Join fishing mania activities with Locals for fresh lobsters
For fans of seafood, especially prawns, there’s nothing wrong with going on a fishing adventure with locals to Panjang Island in search of an abundance of lobsters.

The people in the Timang area have a livelihood as fishermen and lobster seekers and have been accustomed to using DIY cable cars since 1997.

8. The location is close to other tours in Gunung Kidul
Timang Beach is close to other beaches on the coast of the South Seas. Some of the nearby beaches include Jogan Beach, Nglambor Beach, Siung Beach, Seruni Beach, Ngetun Beach and Pok Tunggal Beach. Besides the beach, there are also natural attractions that can be visited, such as Pindul Cave, Jomblang Cave, and Pengger Pine Forest.


9. Ride a special jeep through rocky dirt roads

The terrain to the beach is quite heavy and may be tiring. It’s not enough to travel 2-3 hours from the centre of Jogja. Visitors need to prepare physically, mentally, and financially because the struggle to get to the location is so challenging. From the start, it was easier to get to the destination by motorbike because you could while enjoying the unspoiled village views.

parking at timang beach image info
Vehicle parking can only enter certain locations, while the road to the beach location is quite difficult to reach, so it requires a special vehicle to the location. Visitors are advised to take a jeep taxi owned by locals or a motorbike taxi to go through the rocky off-road dirt road for 30 minutes. Then walk to get to the rocky beach location if you are interested in extreme tourism across the ocean to Panjang Island (Timang Island).