If you visit the island of Bali, of course you will be amazed at its beautiful beach destinations. Apart from Kuta Beach, which is well-known to foreign countries, Bali also offers a beach destination that is no less exotic, namely Melasti Beach.


Even though it is relatively new for a beach tourism destination. The views offered are no less stunning. You can find many interesting spots when you visit Melasti Beach.

Melasti Beach is one of the beach resorts in Bali which offers beautiful views of the exotic sea that can spoil your eyes. For those of you who want to unwind by seeing the waves of the sea, this place is the right choice for you.

Melasti Beach is located in Ungasan Village, South Kuta District, Bandung Regency, Bali and can be reached in approximately 25 minutes if you depart from Kuta, Bali.

When you visit this beach, you will be presented with blue sea water and wide white sand. The atmosphere also tends to be calm so you can indulge your eyes and mind in peace. This beach is surrounded by rock cliffs and limestone hills which are a beauty in itself.

For those of you who want to snack on food and drinks, you don’t need to worry, because around the beach area there are many places selling food and drinks. Melasti Beach also provides chairs and beach umbrellas that can be used by tourists while relaxing on the beach.

This place is also equipped with a bathroom if you want to swim in the ocean because the waves are not too big, so this beach is safe for swimming but don’t forget to pay attention to safety.

Interesting activities at Melasti Beach

1. Swimming
Known for its clear blue sea with clean white sand, of course tourists will be tempted to swim and play in the sand on the beach. The waves at Melasti Beach are quite calm so you can still swim at this beach.

2. Snorkeling
If you want to see the beauty of underwater life at Melasti Beach, you can also do snorkeling at this beach. You can rent snorkeling equipment in the beach area or bring your own snorkeling equipment.

3. Culinary
So, for you seafood culinary lovers, you can also enjoy various culinary delights at a place to eat, precisely on the edge of Melasti Beach. They offer a variety of menus ranging from heavy meals to dishes for relaxing. The price offered is still quite affordable, so don’t worry that you will be short on budget.

1. The seaside

On the beach, you can enjoy the sunset if you come in the afternoon and the sunrise if you come in the morning. You can capture this moment using a camera because you can’t miss its beauty.

2. Winding Road

Before arriving at Melasti Beach, you will pass through a winding road which divides the limestone hill. This place can be used as a photo of your aesthetic scenery, but you need to be careful, because this road is the entrance to the beach area so there are lots of vehicle traffic.

3. Temple building

The temple building located around Melasti Beach is used as a place for religious ceremonies such as the melasti ceremony which is carried out before Nyepi. You can take the beauty of this temple building as a memory when visiting Melasti Beach.