Gone are the days, when one had to think before jumping into the ‘deep’ categorised area of a club swimming pool and had ten thoughts in mind before reaching the edge of a building’s terrace which had no railing. The reason being that all this is turning out to be a big adventure when the day to day life is so stressed out.

But, one cannot perform these stupid deadly stunts in everyday life as there are much important tasks have to be performed in a professional scenario. However, one can still hit the river banks in order to go through an extreme river rafting experience, which works as a ‘stress relieving pill’ for the millions of regular working professionals in the country. With the big identity marked at an international level, the rafting and camping experience offered near Rishikesh is one added attraction in the league of adventure travel in the country.

If one is staying in Delhi, with a lot of workload imposed by a big corporate and his employer in the city, then he can easily throw away all the stress while rafting, as the hurdles created by the rapids coming in front needs more attention then an incomplete file kept in his office cabin.As per the adventurous process, the camps get assembled on the river banks based in Rishikesh. Besides rafting, here one can also avail the pleasure of camp fire, good food, volleyball etc.

If one hits the place for a two day trip, its totally worth his money as despite being in a package, one can manipulate things according to his needs and desires and shift the timings as and when he wants to raft and wants to relax. Whether one likes to touch the water or love to feel its depth while flowing with the waves, the river rafting experience is determined for everyone.

There are a lot of rapids present amid the Ganges which are enough to challenge the potential of a working youth in this country. These rapids are usually categorised according to their risk level, and the best part is that one has to cross every risky hurdle. So, no prize for guessing that river rafting in this country is grabbing a lot of attention and is getting recorded as a big name under the segment of adventure travel in India.