The magnificent mountains, lush forest of lies “to air”; a long history, profound culture, is “popular.” Pinggu has a strong “popular”, a number of historical figures with the Pinggu time soon. Have said above, there are tomb and Pinggu Xuanyuan Temple. Yellow Emperor is the common ancestor of the Chinese nation is the pioneer of China five thousand years of civilization. Han Dynasty, given the rank of Grand Marshall, was made a major general Huo Guang Hou Bo Lu, Bo Lu fief of his city is northwest of North Chengzihe Pinggu. Huo Huo Guang and famous for his half brother, the Western Han Dynasty, Han Dynasty with another famous Weiqing said the uncle. Han died, Huoguang Cheng Liu as young as 8 years old mausoleum that Emperor Han Zhao’s Grand Secretary Vladimir minister.

Eastern Han emperor Liu Xiu in the struggle to fight for the world, and its rate of Ministry of WU Han Geng Bian, Chen Jun, Ma Wu twelve generals had to hunt down particular, the big guns, such as several groups of five banners remnants of peasant rebels to Pinggu, and completely extinguished. This is about the founding of a major battle the Eastern Han Dynasty. Any discourse Pinggu fisheries sub-mountain tomb who thought most quoted poems of Tang ang card: “North Teng Ji Qiu Wang, find the ancient Xuan Yuan Taiwan. Should have been gone long, empty yellow Wrangler Egypt. Still want wide as the child, remains white Okuma. “This poem will ang link with Pinggu. Ang is a famous early Tang Dynasty poet. Shehong County in Sichuan who he is, family background rich, but he suffered Festival reading, You Shanwen chapter, the “world Zong” reputation. Yuan, Yan Zhang Chungong (now the White Cloud Temple) the abbot of the temple, a seasoned human things, Jingdong Road, Long Dao are all respected him, thanks for the division. Yuan twenty-four years (1287), asking him to set the temple worship winding Zhu Lu immortal.

Pinggu passing team battle, in the east view of unique Cheung Lok Yan Kawamura rest meal. Yan Cheung has a view of Cooper, has been dead for many years. Park Road dead people come to him, stroking his hand, sighed and said: “Unfortunately! A pity!” Then, after a year, dry cypress rises, and leaves flourish as before. Allow the resurrection of the dead Road Park man known as “Changchun fairy,” thought it was a well-known channel length between Jin and Yuan Chuji, but Khan before Chuji to leave the earth, it is the resurrection so dry cents when the Park is Chuji disciple Yin Zhiping, also No. “Changchun child.” In addition, there are many historical figures buried in Pinggu death. For example: Han Yang generals cavalry into the tomb in the east two miles. Jin rose to the rank of Nanjing (Kaifeng) Vice stay, Wang navy Jiedushi structure Pinggu human cytomegalovirus in the tomb in the south 8. Jin Zhang cell transfer to the tomb of 8 years in the north of the city.

Golden Princess Gold tomb were women of 30 years in the County. Bo-Yuan Road, are the tomb of Marshal Office through the County. Dr. Feng Zhang Juren training tomb, the tomb of Zhang Zhongwen, Zhang Wen Chin Tomb, all in the county 15 miles northeast. Ni Ming minister of works of light north in the county recommended the tomb. Tomb of Ming Cheng Tak Yin hole. Northwest of the city in Pinggu, there are camps in the state command of the hereditary sub-prefect Tun Yang Chun Wei, Yang Yong, Yang Hyong Yi, Yang Yuzhuo, Yang Di, Yang Qing, Yang Yang VII plus initiatives such as the tomb. The late Qing Dynasty Imperial Academy had official Shi Du, Kun Niu Yunnan Science and official affairs of the Cabinet in the book, Shanxi Fenzhou House prefect and his son tomb cattle town in the county east customs.