Harness your passion and love for the sport of fishing to provide what everyone desires and needs today…an additional income stream. Let’s Get Fishing combines Travel and everyday Discounts with the proven power of a home-based business that offers you multiple ways to earn additional income. Let’s Get Fishing is the Opportunity of a Lifetime that allows YOU to capitalize on the $125 Billion Fishing Industry combined with the $ 7 Trillion Travel Industry. With 40 Million Fisherman in the US, everyone knows there is a lot of money to be made… shouldn’t YOU be the one making that money? During a quick tour, you will discover how to build a successful and profitable home-based business with Let’s Get Fishing and enjoy all the Exotic Fishing Trips, Travel Discounts and while promoting your passion… The Sport of Fishing. Get ready. The pre-launch date is still a few months away, but a “quiet” wave of momentum is already building in anticipation of the March 1, 2010 pre-launch of a new fishing and travel MLM opportunity. Let’s Get Fishing’s Opportunity entitles Affiliates to a unique list of fishing connections, information coupled with powerful Travel & Everyday Discounts and most importantly the opportunity to earn significant income. Here’s your opportunity to be one of the TOP 200 FOUNDERS of Let’s Get Fishing! During this soft launch period we will ONLY be selling FOUNDERS POSITIONS. Our pre-launch will be March 1, 2010 Founders requirements: 200 original founder positions requires and initial investment of $4,000.00 and includes a free, 5 day, 6 night Alaskan fishing trip to McDougall Lodge in Alaska, Top Placement in Let’s Get Fishing comp. plan, free Guide Package ($249 Value!), Guide Commission structure, 2 Star Angler Ranking and Receive $50 Fast Start Bonus for enrolling a Founder. All Current and Future “Founders” will receive an equal share of the Founders Bonus Pool.

This pool will include 2% of the Gross Company Sales, commencing March 1, 2010 and will continue indefinitely. Currently, the original founders are very few owners/original investors. While there are new MLM opportunities launching each day, many are in the already crowded health, nutrition and weight loss markets. Let’s Get Fishing taps into the lucrative sports and outdoor markets and is in a minnow stage waiting for the right people to come on board and cast a line into Let’s Get Fishing. Let’s Get Fishing is poised to be at Lunker status in 3 years, so this is an excellent ground floor opportunity for those that love to fish and make an additional income doing what you love to do…fish. Let’s Get Fishing (LGF) has taped the internet marketing and MLM expertise of Brent Vanderstelt to assist in the pre-launch, recruiting and is a Founder. Brent has extensive knowledge of internet marketing and promoting, successful network marketer and an avid fisherman. LGF has also partnered with Outdoor Channel television host and professional Bass fishing pro, Joe Thomas. “Fishing is more than a passion for me, it’s a career, if you loving fishing you probably have dreamed of getting paid to go fishing like me, and Let’s Get Fishing offers you 7 great ways to earn an income doing what you love to do”. Women fish too! As women make up almost 50% of the sport of fishing, and is the fasted growing segment within the sport. LGF has partnered with Sherri Russell, editor of She’s So Fly, a fly fishing site for women. “I love fishing and especially love fishing in exotic destinations, I love to travel and make money, so LGF was a no brainier for this fly girl”, says Sherri. If you love fishing like all of us and are interested in becoming a founding member of Let’s Get Fishing contact Brent Vanderstelt for more information.