The unique and picturesque country of the Sultanate of Oman is perfect for Oman holidays . There are fabulous beaches, Wadis or lush oases within dry riverbeds, mountains, clear skies and desert scenery in this Arabic member of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Oman vacations can be spent in leisure and comfort on many public beaches. Scuba diving and snorkeling are also popular pastimes at the many venues that offer this service for Oman travel .

The countryside also has landmark fortresses and castles available for tourist site seeing during Oman travel . The lifestyle of Oman was once a defensive one against invaders. While on Oman holidays , seeing the variety of architecture of the numerous fortresses, along with learning about the historical purposes of the forts, is very intriguing. Not only is this true, but the panoramic bastions provide a vantage point that is perfect for photography and filmography.

When planning for the trip it would be delightful to include your binoculars for the favorite local pastime of bird watching. The Oman Bird Records Committee reports that there are more than 460 species of birds to observe in the pristine ecological desert paradise. The bird migration patterns will allow the visitor to witness the aviary activities of birds from not only Oman’s shores but those from the shores of Europe, Africa and Asia as well. The site of a swooping Egyptian Vulture or the sound of a laughing dove will commonly be experienced during Oman travel .

Shopping in Oman is gratifying in fine items such as jewelry, artwork, furniture, clothing and consumables. Traditional souqs and modern malls are filled with treasures to purchase and take home to ornament the décor of any habitat.