Tanah Lot Temple Bali
Witnessing the Beautiful Sunset in Tanah Lot Bali

Tanah Lot Tourism Object is located in Beraban Village, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency, approximately 13 Km southwest of Tabanan City. Tanah Lot is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Bali, with a stretch of sea view with a temple that stands on a cliff making this area visited by both local and domestic tourists. Many tourists come to this place in the afternoon to witness the beautiful panaroma sunset. Tourists are only allowed to witness the beauty of Tanah Lot Temple from above the surrounding cliffs and are not allowed to enter the temple area. The entrance ticket to this tourist attraction will be charged a fee of Rp. 25,000 per person.
History of Tanah Lot Temple
According to legend, the temple in this place was built by a Brahman who wandered from Java. He was known as Dang Hyang Nirartha, where he traveled in this temple to build in the 16th century, and he also strengthened the beliefs of Hinduism in Bali. By Hindu Pura it was made a temple of Sad Kahyangan. To the north of this temple is a cave inhabited by several snakes that are sanctified by the local community. This temple anniversary ceremony is held every 210 days (6 months according to the Bali calendar; 1 month of the Balinese calendar = 35 days). Tanah Lot Temple will be visited by Hindus for worship on Galungan and Kuningan holidays.